Podcast: Tim Anderson’s injury puts White Sox season at risk of collapse

Record Date: 5/30/2022


Intro: Tim Anderson’s injury severity is unknown but what’s known is that this White Sox team will greatly miss one of their leaders. Josh and Jim discuss the impact of Anderson’s injury and who could step up in his stead.

10:27: Is moving Jake Burger to second base a good idea?

15:03: Is it time for Yolbert Sanchez?

18:23: Goodbye, Dallas Keuchel

26:19: Cubs/White Sox series takeaways

30:37: Blue Jays series preview

43:36: P.O. Sox

54:43: Bonus P.O. Sox (Patreon exclusive content)

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DK and his brief $28M/WAR contract …good thing this team doesn’t do long term expensive free agent deals…


I’m glad all the load management has paid off.


I guess you never know how good or bad the alternative would be


All of their best players have been on the IL with muscle pulls. How much worse could playing both games of a doubleheader make it?

They sit the players frequently, they suppress their ability to steal bases more frequently, and yet here they are: It’s May, guys like Robert, Jimenez, Anderson, Moncada have all missed at least a week at a time.

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Those are all guys with a history of missing meaningful time. We may have to come to terms with them being nursed through a season


The frustrating part is that if the front office had looked at those guys as having a history of missing considerable time, then maybe they should have tried to re-allocate some assets over the offseason so that there were not so many players competing for at bats at DH. Also, they maybe could have added a position player to the roster earlier instead of carrying a thin bench.

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To Err is Herrmann

You are asking for a competent and functional front office. The White Sox don’t have one. I was shocked in the 20-21offseason when Hahn failed to fill RF with an outfielder capable of playing all year. A Schwarber or Rosario could have added value to the team, in addition to a good backup catcher. We might have gotten past the Astros. I thought they should gone for it. And then this year, all the utility guys and relievers. The White Sox screwed up the rebuild.