Podcast: Taking a snapshot of 2022 season

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Record Date: 5/15/2022


Intro: Josh and Jim take a snapshot of the Chicago White Sox first 33 games.

18:46: Who should get the most blame for an uneven start?

42:19: Kansas City series preview

52:51: P.O. Sox

Steve Griffin

Is there a reality where things are bad enough to sell at the deadline? If so, who goes? Engel, Pollock, Harrison, McGuire…Abreu?

Brian S

What’s a guy gotta do around here to get a normal freaking baseball team? I know franchises go thru up’s and downs but it seems like we’re forever stuck in a damn twilight zone with these guys.

63:51: Bonus P.O. Sox (Patreon Exclusive)

Andrew Segall

James Fox listed four players (Ramos, Sosa, Rodriquez, and Cespedes) who are rule-V eligible and therefore potential trade chits. I would rather keep these players for the next wave of talent and I don’t think this team is worth adding to as they are playing right now. What are your thoughts on trading any of these players in the next two months?

AJ Mithen

Is Gavin Sheets warming up enough to be a positive and consistent contributor, or just warming up enough to be a decent trade contribution?

Joint question:


Is Rick Hahn capable of adjusting, or are we doomed to watch him execute another flawed rebuild in a couple years?

Trooper Galactus

What will it take for there to be any accountability in this farce of a season? It’s safe to say Hahn has managed to make the team WORSE compared to 2021 despite spending $50-60 million more, and TLR continues to manage them into oblivion more often than not, but neither seems at all in danger of finding himself unemployed.

Steve Bennett

Let’s say the Sox fail spectacularly and miss the playoffs. With the payroll and the expectations that surrounded this team, what are the chances Jerry commits to a complete overhaul of the organization and fires Williams and Hahn, bringing in a baseball man with the autonomy to do whatever needs to be done? 5%? 25%? More?

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Great analysis on this week’s podcast!

Re trades and roster moves, I am really watching for the following:

(1) when/whether Yolbert Sanchez forces the Sox to consider jettisoning either Garcia or Harrison;

(2) whether Sheets builds up enough trade value that they can use him as part of a package for starting pitching

(3) whether Eloy or Pollock can hit enough soon enough to have value prior to the deadline

(4) whether Lynn can stabilize the rotation – and bullpen usage – soon enough that the Sox can cross “pitching” off their list of needs

(5) whether McGuire struggles so much that the Sox need to add “backup catcher” to their shopping list