First Pitch: White Sox vs. Red Sox

TV: NBC Sports Chicago

Watch the game with us:


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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

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Well, so much for that optimism.


Cease tipping pitches? The Red Sox look like they know what is coming.


I liked Cease’s starts when he gave up 1 run or zero better than this one.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

The Sox are so good at taking whatever iota of joy fans may have and just absolutely pulverizing it. Just an elite organization at hopelessness.


We’re going to lose.



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I’m reasonably confident that Cease is tipping his pitches. There’s nothing wrong with the stuff per Statcast, and this is the second start he’s gotten hit really hard seemingly out of nowhere. Red Sox and Yankees are known to be very good at finding tipping pitchers; same thing happened to Gio @ Boston last year of course.

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Good observation. Of course, with Cora as manager, talk of “tipping” pitches can lead to gray areas. But if the Statcast data indicates that his stuff is fine, tipping pitches seems a likely explanation of this outing.


Actually, on further review, both breaking balls were 1) noticably faster than usual and 2) had less break than usual, but the spin rates weren’t any worse. So he might have been not applying the spin as well as usual (for instance more gyro than sidespin on the slider than usual) but there’s nothing in the data to indicate he’s not healthy. I think he’s tipping plus not so sharp breaking balls tonight, which is why said breaking balls got hit much harder than the Yankees start. I would hazard a guess that weird Yanks start is the result of them knowing whether it was fastball or offspeed but the offspeed was generally high quality so they did little damage on it; today the offspeed was not so sharp, so it was the knuckle curve that got lit up.


I told you all Cease should be replaced by VV.