First Pitch: White Sox vs. Mariners

TV: NBC Sports Chicago

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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I’m irritated that Burger and Vaughn are both on the bench.


Well, some of the fly balls are scary, and may turn into homers later in the year, but the results for Velasquez are good through 4. I’ll take it.


The results are great! But I have no idea how…the contact had been loud and very few pitches have been convincing.

Pat him on the butt and don’t ask questions

Augusto Barojas

I don’t see much that convinces me he will have many outings like today in terms of runs allowed. I’ll take a little luck for one game, but not a good chance it will last.


When Giolito, Lynn, and Cueto are back he’ll be relegated to mop up duty, so yeah, just take it for now.


Nice frame, Reese. I can’t believe they traded a much worse left handed “catcher” straight up for a much better left handed catcher.


Hahn really deserves praise for that trade


The other option was DFA and he wouldn’t have cleared waivers.


Of course LaRussa has to start his pet Leury.


Lopez looks really good so far today.

Augusto Barojas

So Lopez not in rotation? Looks like Lambert set to start Thurs. Neither is a real good option. M’s not scoring many runs so far in 2022 though.

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Reynaldo looks really good today. Fastball command is pretty spotty but that’s the best break & command of his slider I’ve seen for quite a while.

Matt Brash meanwhile… nasty, nasty stuff, and really good command of the breaking balls for such a young pitcher. If the fastball command grows, he’s going to be really, really good.


La Pantera!


Like Father Time the TTOP is undefeated.


The approach from Luis is what’s really encouraging. He struck out on a curve from Brash in the 1st, and then went hunting for a curve in the zone— his 2nd PA he hit a curve in the zone 111.7 mph right at Crawford, and just now he went hunting the in-zone curve again and hit it 110mph for the homer to RF. Encouraging both that 1) he’s already adjusting so quickly, like a quality veteran hitter would, and 2) he still can crush breaking balls in the zone as much as he crushed fastballs last year.


Eloy looking like a pretty confused hitter at the moment.


Engel gonna get a lower body injury from diving back to first 100 times.

LuBob DuRob

Too early to predict a 40/40 season?