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TIL that Micker Adolfo is pronounced “MIKE-er”. I thought it was pronounced like Mickey.

Augusto Barojas

Another homer today for the dude. I’m rooting for the guy. If Engel starts the year on the DL, who is their backup outfielder? With Goodwin/Hamilton/Lamb gone, it would almost have to be Micker. They don’t have anybody better, do they? He’s gone if he doesn’t make the team also.


Keep in mind this is the Sox, so if they need an outfielder due to injury I’m sure they’ll sign some mediocre clown rather than give a young player a shot. It’s their signature move.

Augusto Barojas

I wish they would sign a backup catcher. I cannot believe they are going to start the year with Collins presumably again. Or Zavala, makes no difference to me. Neither is an MLB backup catcher.

Besides the fact that none of the current catchers can stop runners from stealing bases.


I don’t really see Micker taking Engel’s spot. If one of our center field capable outfielders starts the season on the DL, we’ll probably need another center field capable outfielder.


Tanner Banks mania


he actually had the 6th strikeout, but was robbed by the umpire – still a very nice 2 innings


Micker plus Burger to some NL team in need of a DH for a 2B please?

Trooper Galactus

I thought they might be good options to package with Vaughn in an attempt to trade for Bryan Reynolds from the Pirates.

I would really hate to give up Vaughn for almost anything, but I suppose they have no reason to trade Reynolds unless they get a ton back. Really makes you wonder why the Sox won’t just sign someone, I mean we should be holding on to Vaughn for when Abreu is gone.

If there’s one thing this team has not had trouble finding, it’s first basemen.


But then how will Leury Garcia and Josh Harrison get playing time?

That was a joke.