2021 Player Review: Yoan Moncada

Yoan Moncada had a 4.0+ WAR season, which was Top 3 in MLB for FanGraphs, and yet his 2021 season felt lacking. A solid batting average and terrific on-base percentage help Moncada with many advanced metrics, but the lack of power is concerning. So is the lack of success against four-seam fastballs. After five seasons with the White Sox, do we know what kind of player Moncada is?

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Maybe I don’t wade into whitesox twitter enough to see all this polarization on Moncada. Mostly what I have seen is two camps not that far apart. Camp A thinks he is a good player who is scene as capable of a bit more with continued good health and getting back to his 2019 power levels, and Camp B sees him already as a superstar when you add up the cumulative things that jack up his WAR like OBP and defensive value. I dont think the fandom is that far apart on what they think of Yo Yo, I will say the very interesting thing is what the sox do in a couple years you love Yoan at 13.8 mil, you like him at 17.8 mil but at 24.8 mil for a team that annually constrains themselves to a stupidly low payroll…. things get interesting.

John SF

fans on reddit were saying we should trade or DFA moncada in May of 2021. Obviously they came around, eventually. But that was the underlying sentiment towards him from certain folks. Mostly the same types of people who spent the whole season praising Tony.