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The White Sox at this point have 2 big holes at SP and 2B. These are the two needs that need to be addressed. Many people believe the White Sox should get an outfielder, but with Cespedes on his way and Vaughn needing a spot I think the outfield may be too crowded if anything and they can use outfield assets to make a trade for the 2B they want.

Arbitration-Eligible Players

  • Lucas Giolito: $7.9M- rework/extend
  • Reynaldo Lopez: $2.8M- tender
  • Evan Marshall: $2.3M- non tender
  • Adam Engel: $2.2M- tender
  • Brian Goodwin: $1.7M- non tender
  • Jimmy Cordero: $1.2M- tender
  • Jace Fry: $1M- non tender

Club Options

  • Craig Kimbrel: $16M- decline (take $1M buyout)- I’d rather guarantee that the sox won’t get stuck with his contract instead of trying to trade him.
  • Cesar Hernandez: $6M- decline

Other Impending Free Agents

  • Leury Garcia: let go
  • Carlos Rodon: extend qualifying offer
  • Billy Hamilton: let go
  • Ryan Tepera: retain

Free Agents

No. 1: Marcus Semien (5 years, $110M)- The sox need is 2B and Semien is the best free agent to fit this glaring need. I think they need to just focus on one good hitter for either 2B or RF and Semien fits this perfectly with his great hitting vs righties

No. 2: Nick Castellanos (4 years, $90M)- Semien is the only impact 2B that fits the sox needs in my opinion. They need to focus on guys that can hit RH pitchers well. If Semien is gone and they don’t want to make a trade I believe moving Vaughn to 2B and getting a great RF is the next best thing to do

No. 3: Michael Conforto (1 year, $17M)- I still think Conforto can mash against righties and that’s all this white sox team needs in RF. They also wouldn’t have to commit a bunch of years and wouldn’t block Cespedes. Slide Vaughn to 2B in this scenario as well.


No. 1: Eloy Jimenez, Tanner McDougal, and Kade McClure to the Diamondbacks for Ketel Marte- Marte is one of the best 2B in the mlb on an affordable deal for the next 3 years. He can play all over the field as well. Eloy is a great player, but they have too many negative defenders that can only play in the corners. This would allow Vaughn to play LF and for them to sign someone like Joc Pederson to platoon with Engel, Adolfo, Cespedes, etc.

No. 2: Dallas Keuchel and $9M to the Angels for Denny Brady- The angels have had SP problems for years and may be in the market for a veteran who can eat innings. By paying off half of the salary the White Sox can get the other 9M of his 18M salary off the books.


26 man roster

C: Grandal, Yan Gomes(1 yr, $4M)
1B: Abreu
2B: Ketel Marte, Romy Gonzalez(utility)
3B: Moncada
LF: Vaughn
CF: Robert
RF: Michael Conforto (1 yr, $18M), Engel
DH: Sheets, Burger
SP: Giolito, Lynn, Rodon, Cease, Kopech
RP: Hendriks, Bummer, Crochet, Tepera, Cordero, Lopez, Ruiz, Collin McHugh(1 yr, $7M)


Ketel  Marte ($30M, 3 years- 8M in 2022)
Carlos Rodon ($18.9M, 1 year)
Michael Conforto($18M, 1 year)
Yan Gomes ($4M, 1 year)
Colin McHugh ($1 yr, 6M)

Total: 2022 payroll- Increases about $45M

Subtractions: Dallas Keuchel(9M), Craig Kimbrel(15M), Cesar Hernandez(6M), Eloy Jimenez(6.5M in 2022)

Total: 36.5M taken off 2022 payroll

Prior Obligations: $126.85M

Money spent in Arb.: $14.1M

Money Spent in FA: About $55M

Total Money Taken Off Payroll: $36.5M

Total 2022 Payroll: About $160M

This extra money not spent in this plan could be saved for the deadline or to bolster the bullpen, rotation depth, or to get a bigger bat in RF then Conforto. Maybe someone like Castellanos.

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Do you really think Vaughn could be a starting second baseman? I know they played him there a few times, but that seems risky.


I like the Semien and Castellanos suggestions. You are the only one I’ve read so far who mentions those 2. They would be my top two picks, but it looks like you didn’t really mean they will sign one of them?

I hope Conforto is not their only FA signing. I think they would be toast if that’s their best or only get in the FA market.


This money does not add up at all. Take a look at Cot’s Contract for the White Sox— their current 2022 obligations, including the Kimbrel and Hernandez options, come to $167M. My own plan also got rid of Kimbrel, Keuchel (all of it), and Hernandez, with the same non-tenders with much less FA spending, and I had a very difficult time getting under $170M. Are you sure you aren’t looking at 2021 salaries? The guys who signed extensions like TA Yoan etc are getting significant raises next year.


Agreed, also I’m confused is Semien on the team or not? I wanted to add him in my OPP but I couldn’t figure out a way to afford him.


Wow great outside the box thinking with the Jimenez – Marte trade. I don’t know that the Diamondbacks think they’re that close to competing where they would want a major leaguer back and Marte does have some injury history but I spent some time brainstorming ideas to get him to the south side and came up with very little so kudos to you!