First Pitch: AL Wild Card Game

(Jim Margalus / Sox Machine)

TV: ESPN2 (Statcast broadcast with Jason Benetti)


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Joliet Orange Sox

I’m thrilled to hear the announcers spend a good amount of time talking about the Bucky Dent home run in the 1978 tie breaker game. Too bad baseball hasn’t had any other dramatic moments in the last 43 years. Bucky Dent looked good sitting in the crowd but he is definitely older than he was when was starting for the Sox in the red pinstripes.


Were you being sarcastic here? It’s hard to tell.

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Now that fans are back and the stands are packed, anytime the broadcasters wanted to quit juicing the crowd noise would be fine with me. Annoying.

Joliet Orange Sox

I just learned the Red Sox acquired Schwarber from the Cubs at the trade deadline this year. Who knew.

The announcers did correct themselves 30 minutes later that Schwarber had been acquired from the Nationals. They then went on to talk about Schwarber greatly improved as a hitter due to the Red Sox hitting coach after the trade. I actually thought his 16 home runs in 19 games for the Nationals was pretty good.

As Cirensica

Just tuning in…i predicted the Redsox win this one.


Gerrit Cole paid the first big dividend on his contract tonight.

As Cirensica

He got that in contract to pitch on games like this. Welp.

As Cirensica

I kid you not but I have heard of this A. Velazquez that is playing SS for the Yankees in an elimination game.

As Cirensica

Eovaldi is obliviarating the Yankees. Super nasty.

Edit…as I typed this, Rizzo hit a homer

As Cirensica

Yankees are cooked

As Cirensica