First Pitch: White Sox at Athletics

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Root Cause

Hey Oakland!

They got this new thing called PPE. Can you all afford to put a fence in front of the dugout?


This is the smallest crowd I’ve ever seen at an MLB game. Maybe 3000 people here total.

Joliet Orange Sox

We’re Sox fans. Most of us have been part of really small crowds.


Lambert is really living on the edge here

Joliet Orange Sox

Jimmy Lambert living on the edge is the best I think we can hope for at this time. I’m very pleased with 4 innings giving up one run even if it was a bit stressful. With his pitch count at 64 pitches, I’d pull him but TLR might try to get another inning out of him with 8-9-1 coming up.

Now that the game is no longer tied, I’d leave Lambert in to try and qualify for the win.


Worked out – Lambert settled down the last couple of innings


The pen had better not screw this one up. Count me among those that did not think Oakland would score 1 run through 7 tonight. Gotta win this one.


Vaughn has been absolutely awful with men on base for some time.

LuBob DuRob

Beckham finally wore me down. I’m actually enjoying the banter.

Joliet Orange Sox

Did you doze off for just a second? The pod people snatch your body if you sleep.

LuBob DuRob

They would snatch anybody’s body if they slept. Beckham doesn’t sleep.