Podcast: Hello, Craig Kimbrel


Intro: Hello, Craig Kimbrel

3:26: Does acquiring Kimbrel turn the tide in AL?

7:56: Impact of losing Nick Madrigal

15:12: Will the White Sox pick up Kimbrel’s club option?

17:52: Seby Zavala’s special night

25:55: Who should be the backup catcher when Grandal returns?

31:00: Cleveland hitting Jose Abreu

39:53: Minor League Report

43:48: Kansas City Royals series preview

55:15: P.O. Sox (In order of appearance)

Rodney W. Schmisseur

Ok gents! Put the GM hats on, Robert is coming up (soon) – Please solve the roster puzzle! Robert (up) who goes down?: Sheets – options left Goodwin – not sure about options Eloy (is he 10-day candidate?) Lamb (outright waivers?) and then what about Billy Hamilton next week? Based on today, I expect Billy’s spot to be a revolving door of Knights SP’s (Lambert, Stiever, Burdi) but Hamilton’s ability to steal bases & race down balls (Mercado’s liner in 6th Sat night??) is big key in my book! Thanks!!

Daniel Levy

Just kind of a fun speculative question to mix it up. We all know there have been eras of baseball defined by different things going on (dead ball, expansion, steroids, current HR era). What do you think the next era could be defined by.

mark sambor

How hard should the White Sox try to win home-field advantage

Rob Leadaman

I think after the trades, I’m going to start believing this team could win it all. I had them as a playoff flameout before that and they’re not the favorite but there’s something about this team that makes me think… yeah, they could pull this off. Am i crazy, or do y’all think it’s time to believe?

84:17: Bonus P.O. Sox for Sox Machine Patreon supporters only (In order of appearance)

Mark Hope

How worried should we be about Hendriks’ and Keuchel’s HR/9 numbers?

Mark Jontry

it seems Anderson is not driving the ball at all to the pull field….has had some pitches to drill and he just flies out. Is his approach largely responsible for that lack of power to left lately?


This is a question about predictability in pitching, and you can answer it any time — even next year during spring training, or not at all. Today Brian Goodwin got a fastball on a 3-1 pitch and he didn’t miss a bit of it (thankfully) and hit it out of the park to win the game. It seems like Brian knew the fastball was coming, the commentators certainly knew the fastball was coming, and even I guessed a fastball was coming. Sometimes to the less educated eye,it seems like pitchers are awfully predictable. Are they, and do stats support throwing fastballs on a 3-1 count? (And by the way, will he pay for that bat flip?). Thank you so much.

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Ted Mulvey

An evil Sporcle! I’ll take that as a badge of honor. And, noted: the year is 2036; Sporcle Saturday looks back on The Seby Zavala Game.