First Pitch: White Sox at Blue Jays


TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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Joliet Orange Sox

Gordon Beckham just referred to himself as an “ex hitter”. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call himself an “ex position player” ?


He hit at Georgia.

Joliet Orange Sox

Touché. I’m actually (slightly) more of a White Sox fan than a UGa fan but I know many on this board are the opposite.


Collins and Seby are both tough to watch


How many times are we going to go fishing for the wipe out slider with two strikes?


A backup catcher that can actually hit …what a concept

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Fast forward to mid September, plz


Feels like the team is playing with that mentality


Ive been trying to avoid getting too dour, but this team just seems overhyped. Really good starting pitching, but mediocre/flawed offense and overrated pen. Im leaning more and more towards thinking they will not make it past the first playoff series.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

In general the talents feels right for what was projected to be a mid to upper 80 win team It’s just that now their record and run differential are misleading since the other 4 teams in the division are non competitive.


The worse backup catching of any contending team the Sox


If that’s our only problem, we’re sitting pretty

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Man I sure hope the Sox don’t have to face any good teams on the road in the playoffs


If we cannot have a complete lineup, just once, during the regular season, at least give us our broadcast team back. Watching losing baseball with Gordon Beckham babbling is *rough*.