Sox Machine Live!: Heading to the Cream City

The show starts at 7:30 pm CT. You can watch in the player below or on our YouTube channel.

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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When Jim says that Nelson Cruz to the Rays made too much sense not to happen, I agree. I think that says as much about the Rays and the way they operate than it does about their need for a DH.

So leaving needs aside for a moment, I’m curious what people actually think this front office will be able/willing to do to improve this team via trade given the budget and the state of the farm system.…And importantly, I’m wondering what basis folks have for those opinions. (For what it’s worth, and this is just my perspective, I haven’t seen much that would indicate that this is a team that will take on salary, or that is inclined or in the habit of pulling off multiple trades at the deadline, or that really has much in terms of prospects to trade). But the last 15 years are a blur of bad baseball to me so maybe other people have a clearer set of reference points than I do.

I haven’t heard much in actual Sox rumors, other than the silly Nightengale stuff about Escobar and the occasional rumor that seems more PR-oriented (like the very lightly-sourced “Sox are interested in Adam Frazier” rumors). Has anyone seen anything credible linking the Sox to a really active trade deadline generally? Or to a specific player? Because if not, I’m going to revert to my prior which is that our big mid-season acquisitions will be the guys (Eloy, Robert, Yas) that come off the IL.