First Pitch: White Sox at Tigers

(Ken Lund / Flickr)


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Grandal left the game? What happened?


Left calf tightness


Thanks….Could use that 3rd catcher right about now!


Andrew Vaughn is a pretty decent leftfielder.


Andrew Vaughn is a pretty decent hitter.


I’m sure he won’t win, but Vaughn should get extra points in the ROY voting for playing LF. His ability to handle the position is extremely impressive. It’s difficult to overestimate the value he’s given to this team by locking down LF.


This is Vaughn’s 4th straight 2 hit game, all 8 hits vs RHP I believe. That is a potentially huge development. He was not hitting righties a lick before that. If he has turned the corner in that way, it could be yet another big plus compared to what we were seeing when the offense struggled the past few weeks.


It was literally like yesterday that you weren’t willing to take anything
positive from Yermin’s 5 game stretch of better at bats…


Looked to see if Charlotte pulled their catcher late in their game. Sure enough. Looks like we will be white knuckling these injuries at least through the all star game.