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The final day of the 2021 MLB Draft, covering rounds No. 11-20, commences at noon on MLB.com. The first few rounds of the Day 3 are usually more significant than the bulk of Day 2, as teams are free to hand out bonuses of up to $125,000 without them counting against the team’s draft pool.




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christian edwards in the 11th. friday starter for jacksonville state. scouting report on prospectslive says ‘huge fastball with some cut and ride at 95-99. slider is a big power breaker. projectable arm with huge up arrow’

then again, he went in the 11th round, so who knows how true any of that is.


Sounds like the right type of pick in this spot.

Looks like round 12 another 4 year college arm. Friday night starter too…

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MLB has a little profile on the 12th rounder (Johnny Ray) so its nice to have a verifiable scouting report; looks like a local-ish guy who transferred into TCU

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Not draft related that I can see, but I wonder what this is about?


Was the system short an OF? Could be just filling a need


Micker could be getting promoted to Charlotte. Or someone in the upper minors could be injured.

Right Size Wrong Shape

A few days ago I saw this and I thought he was supposed to be the return in an Eaton deal. But Eaton’s release became official yesterday, so I don’t know if this fell through or what.


Smelley is a great name and his first name is a kind of cheese. He broke out in his third year in junior college, but was presumably old for the league.

Johnny Ray is another good name.

Sommer is the right season for baseball

You can go to junior college for 3 years? I did not know that.

COVID eligibility I imagine, just like NCAA players were given an extra year of eligibility.


With last year’s draft mostly washed out, could be some extra promising picks in later rounds this time


You can go for as long as you want if you try hard enough.


Would be nice if Smelley and Kath play on the same team one day.

Trooper Galactus

It would have been classic if they play the Pirates and we see a Smelley/Sharts matchup.


I’m really enjoying the Sox draft this year. For the first time in a long time I’m on board with the Sox plan so I’m not gonna bitch about it if it doesn’t work out.

But, I’m pretty confident that they’re going to get some good contributors this way.

Josh Nelson

I’ve seen plenty of Jayson Gonzalez, the White Sox 17th round pick this season.

Had a big moment in the College World Series against Arizona:

And this 3-run HR against Mississippi State in the final


oakland just took a guy named Blake Beers. i don’t know if he’s any good at baseball but that’s my favorite name in the draft so far.

Josh Nelson

Some data for Cameron Butler, the 15th Round Pick

  • Played all over the diamond
  • Pitching Metrics:
  • October: FB: 84-84 mph | CHG: 79 mph | CB: 73 mph
  • June: FB: 86-89 mph | CHG: 82 mph | CB: 65 mph

Cal Poly commitment

Josh Nelson


Those are some pretty crazy high school stats (.741/.779/1.641). That last number is SLG, not OPS.

Of course we can’t put much stock in high school stats, but was surprised that Montgomery only hit .333


I’m sure a lot of it had to do with money, but I was hoping for some more intriguing talent in the later rounds. I’m assuming Butler will get money saved with the signing of everyone else.

John SF

I ended up having an unplanned family thing take me out of town for the last week. (Nothing bad; but I was in the middle of no where).

I ended up missing almost the whole draft!

What’s the consensus opinion so far on how it’s going?


The logic behind pitching being the basis of 12 Sox picks and *checks notes* 20 Angels picks.


I wondered if COVID had played a role in the selection process. But then I am surprised more wasn’t made of that going into the draft


If teams are favoring pitchers due to certainty, that suggests that there should be good hitters that are more freely available (lower rounds?), they’d just be harder to identify.

Trooper Galactus

I mean, there’s also a pretty shitty recent track record of developing pitchers in that organization to consider.


True of the recent and the distant past with that organization. (And they laid off a lot of scouts last year, so a lot of those decisions were made off of quantitative data.) But Cleveland had a similar focus on drafting pitchers this year, and it’s hard to fault their pitching development program.

I wonder how many of the position players who weren’t drafted due to limited looks will blow up for the 2023 and 2024 draft classes.