First Pitch: White Sox vs. Rays

Goose Island goose
Goose is dead.

TV: NBC Sports Chicago

Lineups: Yoán Moncada Has A Cold.

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Outstanding news today on Eloy being cleared to resume baseball activities. Seems very realistic now that he could be back by mid August. Great to hear they should have at least one of their big outfielders back with plenty of time left in the season. Great news!

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Did they say why Moncada is out again?


He has a cold (see lineup info above????).


Thanks! I missed it 🙂


Eaton was never the answer Jerry…stop being cheap


Eaton being on the team is Jerry’s fault, but being in the lineup is all on TLR. We had to watch Mazara play the whole year last year when Engel was better all along. To continue to put Eaton in the starting lineup is just stupid. Lefty/righty platoon is complete nonsense when it is obvious that Eaton is not going to hit anybody, and Engel already has a homer off a righty. Give Engel a chance to play every day, sheesh. With Goodwin, not Eaton, in the outfield next to him vs righties.


Wow. That lineup is not what I expected in spring training.


Does anyone know if Engel is available?


Stone is saying that Glasnow looks hurt in the 5th and he isn’t coming out for the 6th.

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94 Mercedes…of course a whiff…they pitched around Goodwin to get to him I think


He’s looking more and more like Palka part 2.


This seems like the best game Grandal has had behind the dish in the last couple of weeks.


Good game. Sounds like early August is a reasonable time to expect Jimenez back. If Mendick plays decently until then, you figure the Sox go after an outfielder at the deadline (Castellanos please), and put Jimenez at DH when he comes back.


Yes please to Castellanos


Wow, you can’t get picked off there.

Just John

Jim: wishing he wasn’t so clairvoyant with a raw run of righties shutting us down.


Hard to beat a good team with a AAAA lineup.