First Pitch: White Sox at Tigers

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


(Photo by Ken Lund)

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Welcome to the team, Goodwin!

Joliet Orange Sox

Gotta love home runs with 92 mph exit velocity!

Whatever, it was a good adjustment. The changeup was the only thing Urena could get over the plate.


Can someone explain why Grandal, who is hitting .160, is leading the league in walks? Seems obvious that an opposing pitcher would decide to make him hit his way on base, since he has been way less than great when he does not walk. I know he hits homers once in a while but still. Makes no sense at all that he would get walked this much without hitting a lot better.


Because he’s in the top 1% of all MLB players for Hard Hit %, top 2% of players for avg exit velo, and top 8% of player for barrel %. On top of this, he has a *really* good batting eye, and throwing strikes isn’t as easy for every pitcher as you might think. But if you think pitchers shouldn’t be scared of piping the ball to Grandal just because he has a low batting average (he’s running a totally unsustainable .130 babip), everything aside from a superficially low batting average says otherwise.


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I’ll buy that he is a better hitter than his average, but not that he should get walked like he is Barry Bonds, or one of the most dangerous hitters in the league. A .160 hitter with a .400 OBP is one of the strangest stats I’ve ever seen.

In any case he is the least of this team’s offensive issues, one of which is why Eaton is still being given chances to start. I hope you don’t have a metric that says he is actually good! : )


Nobody does.


That was a great explanation on Grandal by the way, thanks.


Mercedes singles in two runs versus RHP. Then Eaton strikes out and both Lamb and Leury ground out to first. Good thing we have all those lefties!


Those 2 LOBs would’ve been a nice cushion for a bad Cease day ..


And right on cue (unless your feed is ahead of mine)


Eaton should not be playing when Engel is healthy. Ever. There is no need for a lefty/righty platoon. Being a left handed hitter does not matter if you can’t hit! Engel homered the other night vs a righty. I’ll take him over anything they will get from Eaton in any situation no matter what kind of pitcher is on the mound. Eaton is just awful. It is almost beyond belief that he is even on this team.

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Yeah, I agree, especially with Engel’s defense and having that speed in the outfield in this park. If it’s because of trying to be careful with his return from injury, fine. However, if not, he should really be in the lineup every day. Let’s see if there’s anything to that small-sample size improvement vs. RHP last year.


Yeah, I mean there is at least a chance Engel can hit righties. We already know Eaton cannot hit anybody. I’m all for anybody other than Eaton at this point. I’d rather see what Goodwin can do as well. There is no scenario other than an injury where Eaton should start.


Happy with three runs, but our offense isn’t good enough to forget to run home for that 4th run


Nevermind. We got Goodwin. We’re fine




Awww, don’t take him out!


The Sox stranded 5 runners in the first two innings and still scored 8 runs.


Might be a bit of hindsight… but when you have 19 baserunners through 5, you are bound to strand a lot of runners no matter how many score 🙂


Is it too late to get Brian Goodwin on the All-Star ballot?


Typical Mercedes…just throw him 95 and he has no chance


You know they’re gonna score like 2 runs tomorrow for Rodon after today!

Infield Grass

They really must have really not appreciated the Dodgers passing them in run differential.