First Pitch: White Sox at Astros

(AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker on Flickr)

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


(Photo by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker on Flickr)


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Gordon Beckham cannot go away soon enough. As a color commentator, he’s hitting about .237.


I like him. He isn’t at Steve’s level but for a newbie he is decent.


Finally, there we go. That was three hard hit balls in a row by Grandal, Vaughn, and Lamb.


That’s not how you do a rundown.


This is disgraceful …Every starter failed but Rodon


Not watching today because I just couldn’t take any more and needed a day away. Figured maybe if I didn’t watch maybe we’d have a different outcome. (Guess not.) Anyhow, just checked in here for the comments and saw…Goodwin hitting 4th? Wtf man. What is this crap.


That’s not how you catch a popup.


This is one team the Sox are not going to beat in the playoffs without roster additions, that’s for sure.


They’re not beating the Indians without roster additions.


Again, RHP starting and Mercedes is in the lineup. I am glad he isn’t in the middle of the order, but honestly why is Collins not the DH?


Agree, Mercedes is giving them literally nothing at this point. Also Vaughn is proving two things the more he plays. He can hit lefties very well. And he cannot hit righties at all. OPS vs RHP now .480 something. Add him to the list of guys they cannot keep playing indefinitely without improvement.


Though I think the difference is that there may be developmental reasons to give your recent high first round draft pick a chance to figure it out.

Given Mercedes’ age, I’m not sure how much upside there actually is there.


It’s time for Hahn to do something. This is just not a good team right now. Yermin was fun for a month, but he needs to go back to Charlotte. He offers absolutely nothing right now. Mendick needs to head to the bench or Charlotte. He is way overexposed playing every day. I’m not sure Goodwin should be playing much any more either. If he’s not going to get Frazier before Tuesday, then give Beckham a shot at 2nd. And bring Burger or Sheets up to DH. This team is so stale right now. They need some kind of jolt. Of course, a couple of trades is what really needs to happen, but I’m sure Hahn won’t do that yet. So some fresh blood would at least help a little. If Mercedes is in the lineup Tuesday, that would be criminal.


No doubt. Mercedes needs to go (Burger or Sheets), Vaughn should start to sit vs RHP, and Beckham should get a shot. Just to see if one of those moves is a positive. They can always go back to the crappy lineup that hasn’t been working if nothing helps.


I don’t know if you really want to see Beckham defensively at 2B, but he can certainly DH. Fans are hooked on Sheets, but don’t know how the organization feels. I could live seeing Lamb just start every game in LF for a while. Very small sample, but he has hung in against lefties this season. Or at least a straight platoon in LF with Vaughn.


Vaugh has an OPS over 1 vs left handed pitching, a .340 avg or something. They can’t afford for him not to play vs lefties, or to send him down for that matter. A straight platoon would be good, Lamb hits righties better than Vaughn. But he is nowhere close to as good vs lefties.

Beckham at DH makes sense.


I doubt Vaughn gets sent down for that season – he does something well. But we can’t say for certain how he would respond to a straight platoon, sitting on the bench most of the time, and whether that would affect his hitting against lefties.


I agree on Mercedes, but they also can’t afford to give a whole season of development to someone regardless of performance in a year where they are hoping to play in October. They are losing games because of a poor offense, and may wind up fighting just to get to the postseason. If Vaughn were mediocre-bad, OK… but his RHP numbers are worse than Eaton. That’s just not acceptable, and could be part of what costs them a playoff berth, or seeding. Maybe ride it out with him until July if they mange to stay in first, but I can’t see him playing full time in the 2nd half without some sign of improvement. They will need to play the best team they can field, if they want the best chance to actually play in October.

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I agree. They need to run a platoon of Lamb-Vaughn in left. The experiments need to be over. It’s time to get serious.


I’m just going to point out that Hendriks is pitching in a game we have almost no chance to win. He might not be pitching today if he had come in for the 9th on Friday. I’m not arguing that Crochet was the wrong call – I could see the logic either way – but the reality is that sometimes when a manager saves the closer and the opportunity for a save doesn’t arise…you end up getting your closer some work when you’re down by 6.

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