White Sox 3, Royals 0: Carlos Rodón now 5-0

White Sox win

Carlos Rodón rode high in April. One start into May, he hasn’t been shot down.

Instead, Rodón shut down the Royals over six innings, handing it off to the preseason paint-by-numbers trio of Codi Heuer, Aaron Bummer and Liam Hendriks, the last of whom withstood a shaky ninth to complete the shutout.

Rodón moved to 5-0, lowered his ERA to 0.58 and tied franchise history in the process.

He also helped extend Kansas City’s losing streak to six games. With Cleveland getting no-hit for the second time this season — Cincinnati’s Wade Miley followed in Rodón’s footsteps — the White Sox moved into sole possession of first place by a half-game.

Rodón worked around a smattering of five singles, but he scattered them across four innings, and thus only dealt with a runner in scoring position in one frame. He reached back and found two of his eight strikeouts to extinguish that fourth-inning threat, and he didn’t exhaust his tank. He threw two more innings, and in his final battle of the night, he summoned 98 on his eighth and ninth pitches to strike out Jorge Soler.

The White Sox offense took a worrisome amount of time coming around on Brad Keller. The fan foe entered the game with an 8.06 ERA, but kept the Sox hitless through four, allowing nothing but a first-inning walk to Adam Eaton.

Zack Collins finally put something in the hit column in the fifth, and it also contributed to the run column. After fighting off two tougher fastballs to remain in a 1-2 count, Collins got a third consecutive fastball that found the outer half of the plate, and Collins launched it 430 feet to center for a solo shot and a 1-0 lead.

The Sox tacked on two more when the batting order swung around for a third time in the sixth. Tim Anderson rifled a double off the base of the right-field wall with one out, then scored when Eaton punched a single into left field. Two batters later, José Abreu came through with a picturesque slicer that bisected the left-center gap that scored Eaton all the way from first.

The Sox mounted rallies in later innings, none of which resulted in runs. Further insurance didn’t seem necessary when Heuer and Bummer handled their respective innings, but Hendriks immediately ran into trouble. He gave up a double to Sal Perez, his fourth hit of the night, followed by catcher interference by Collins that brought the tying run to the plate. Hendriks bounced back with a couple of strikeouts, but Michael A. Taylor kept the inning alive with a single that Anderson smothered in center field, which preserved the shutout, yet the winning run still came to the plate.

Fortunately, Nicky Lopez represented that winning run, and the guy with the .302 lifetime slugging percentage hit a flare into shallow center that Anderson flagged down to end the game.

Bullet points:

*Rodon’s fastball was enough to get by, accounting for 10 of his 14 swinging strikes. The changeup wasn’t nearly as much of a threat, as it was victimized for four of the five hits he allowed. That said, he still managed to complete six innings on just 92 pitches, so that fastball is something else.

*Eaton’s single ended an 0-for-20 skid. He also made a sliding catch on a 104-mph sinking liner that previous White Sox right fielders might’ve botched.

Record: 17-13 | Box score | Statcast

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And Eaton was robbed of a hit on a hard smash. He had an ugly strikeout, but all in all it was a good night for him.


Hoping Engel returns well to give Eaton more days off. Sounds like his workload needs to be managed for him to be effective, re: his legs.

Joliet Orange Sox

I’m glad the Sox won but I was deeply disturbed that Len Kasper was unfamiliar with mold-a-rama. The machines were around when I was a kid and still when my kids were kids (my youngest was born when I was over 40 so that’s a long time) at Brookfield Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Field Museum around Chicago and at the Milwaukee Zoo (and maybe other places that I don’t remember).

I’ll never think of Len Kasper the same way again.


Search online to find a lot of interesting articles on the history and the people keeping them running


I didn’t catch the broadcast but have endearing memories of mold-a-ramas. Everybody gets so excited about 3D printing, and I look at what some of my colleagues show me, and I say, it looks like a mold-a-rama from the 1960s / 1970s.


Everybody gets so excited about 3D printing, and I look at what some of my colleagues show me, and I say, it looks like a mold-a-rama from the 1960s / 1970s

The buzz about 3D printing isn’t due to the perceived quality over injection molds like in mold-a-ramas but rather that the machine doesn’t require a custom tooled mold to produce plastic objects. It just needs a computer file and it can create anything on the spot.

It’s like going from a printing press-> Computerized printers.


There was a mold-a-rama at MSI as late as 2009, though the Abraham Lincoln bust it produced looked more accurate to a post-Ford’s Theater visit than it had 30 years earlier.

The smell of freshly-molded plastic is one I will take to my grave.

LuBob DuRob

Rodon is unbelievable. This stretch of starts is up there with the best I’ve seen. Please let it roll!


Yeah who would have thought our ace this year would be Rodon. Great story, right up there with Yermin, we’d be in rough shape without either.

Last edited 2 years ago by md03

Why do I “remember” an incredible start to a season by a White Sox pitcher, reminiscent of if not better than what Rodon is doing now, in the early 90s but I can’t find any record of it online?

Before failed Google attempts I would’ve told you that Wilson Alavarez started 1993 with a 9-0 record, but that’s obviously wrong. Can someone tell me if my memory is completely shot (that is, nothing like such a streak occurred rather than just having the details wrong) or if I’m just bad at Googling?

Last edited 2 years ago by soxfan

I checked McDowell on a whim and it doesn’t appear to be him–seemed like he was a slow starter.


Looks like I *maybe* remember, Alvarez’s 5-game winning streak early in 1993 (which was part of the team winning 7 straight Alvarez starts) or maybe his 7-game winning streak near the end of the season (which was part of an 8-game streak of wins in Alvarez starts).

But man – the idea of a Chicago Tribune sports headline suggesting a nine-game winning streak is indelibly burned in my brain, falsely so it would appear.


What comes to mind for me is John Snyder in the late ‘90s. He had a crazy run to start one year and people were calling him the new Greg Maddux. And then he ended up with an ERA of ~6 and a below .500 record. He was not in fact the next Greg Maddux, but he did help the Sox get Valentin and Eldred.

Rodon’s talent level far exceeds John Snyder. Just still hoping he can actually stay healthy.

Last edited 2 years ago by huisj

Maybe Barry Jones, who was actually a reliever but had that incredible run where he kept getting in line for win and started something like 9-0 in 1990 ? Just a guess and a chance to remember Barry

Greg Nix

Not early 90’s, but James Baldwin started the 2000 season 7-0 pretty much out of nowhere. Huge reason that team won the division.


Bere and Alvarez in 94 comes to mind.


That’s it! I’m not losing it, I just can’t Google the right year. Alvarez had 8 pitcher wins in a string of 11 team wins in games he started.

Thanks asindc and everyone else for all the other suggestions which led down memory lane.


Sox in first place, and with the best run differential in MLB, comfortably. Why don’t I feel better?




I think it is because we are down Robert and Eloy. If those guys were in the lineup with this pitching we would be really confident of the playoffs

As Cirensica

White Sox fans aren’t allowed that kinda feeling.


I guess the good news is, with the possible exception of Boston, I haven’t really seen any team they have played who appear to be any better than the White Sox. They all have flaws and/or lack of depth so for.


Rodon is having a historic start, what a job! Nice to see the back end of the bullpen look pretty good too although Hendrix got into a little more trouble then anyone would like to see. The nice thing for him though is its really hard to put together a big inning vs a guy who doesn’t walk anyone, the royals had 2 hits and an error and couldnt score.

Sox offense is gonna be a struggle… last in the mlb in homers I believe and the worst offense from the 7th inning on this season… really gotta get some of the vets going or acquire someone capable of helping out in CF or even a righty platoon in RF with Eaton.


How much of that late-inning offense can be attributed to protecting leads with defensive replacements. Not to keep harping on the same point, but seems like Garcia and Hamilton have a lot of let-inning, high-leverage at bats because we’re protecting leads while other teams are still trying to score.


In games the sox have lost (and thus would of kept their best hitters in) I believe they have scored 7 runs total vs other teams bullpens… so its not that.


>xBA .285
>Actual BA 0.233
Is there like a leaderboard that shows differences between a teams xBA and actual BA? It seems every defender starts to become a gold glover when facing the Sox


Nevermind I found it on baseball savant. The Sox are literally the team with the lowest difference between xBA and Actual BA.

The team with the worst difference? Cleveland. They also have the worst difference between wOBA and xwOBA. We need to put the pedal to the metal and create separation before they start hitting better.