Podcast: White Sox Top 30 Prospects and 2021 MLB Draft with Jim Callis


2:36: New #1 White Sox Prospect coming May 17

4:19: Yermin Mercedes surprising start

6:09: Lack of impact prospects in AAA/AA

9:40: Most interesting White Sox prospects

12:08: Which prospects other teams may ask in a trade with the White Sox

15:05: Timing of MLB Draft in 2021 influencing the trade market

17:47: New Mock Draft with a new #1 pick

22:34: Draft Debate: If equal talent, do you take prep INF or college SP?

26:30: White Sox 1st round mock pick

29:11: Who Josh hopes is still available at Pick 22

34:20: Draft Debate: Drafting for future or present need

37:06: College Senior class 

Click play below to listen:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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