Podcast: Good Old-Fashioned Bum Slaying


1:10: Memorial Day Weekend Recap 

5:17: Appreciating straight seven-inning doubleheaders

7:25: What we learned about the White Sox bum slaying Baltimore

11:13: The excellence from White Sox starting pitchers

18:25: Jim is becoming a Jake Lamb supporter

26:16: Billy Hamilton vs. Leury Garcia

30:15: Minor League Report

34:20: Cleveland Series Preview

47:25: P.O. Sox 

65:01: Revenge Jinx Suggestion Box

Click play below to listen:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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It’s a bum eat bum world out there. You either slay bums or be a bum


or eat bums, apparently.

As Cirensica

I’d like to see more Lamb perhaps at DH vs RHP and give some time off to Yermin who seems to need it.


I guess things are going well when we can argue who the 3rd string CF’er should be…

but in my opinion it’s Hamilton and it’s not close. He’s a better fielder than Garcia. Hamilton has been a crap hitter, but he’s been brighter shade than Garcia. Garcia’s ISO is a ridiculous .057 all while Hamilton’s BABIP is the lowest of his career.

And Hamilton is a slightly better baserunner. Weird stat: Hamilton hasn’t grounded into a DP since 2019. And only 2 since 2018. Leury Garcia has grounded into 5 DPs this season… that only trails Yaz & Abreu. Yuck.

Joliet Orange Sox

From Jim’s post about Hamilton over the weekend:

Since the start of the 2019 season:
García: .672 OPS
Hamilton: .554 OPS

García is a better hitter than Hamilton. You can argue for Hamilton for other reasons but arguing based on hitting is a tough sell.