First Pitch: White Sox vs. Reds

Happy #SinkerdeMayo!

TV: NBC Sports Chicago


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It’s almost time to pinch hit Cease for Leury or Hamilton.


Wish we would have in the 10th


Why did they try to steal second there with runners on the corner, 1 out, the go ahead run at third, and the only asset of the current hitter being his speed (so good chance of beating double play)?

LuBob DuRob

Really bad managing going on. A cascade of questionable decisions.


Good question. I don’t think we have the best manager to handle the decisions in the Manfred extra innings.

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Right away, that steal decision (initiated by whomever) sent me to check: Statcast has Hamilton still clocking in with 98th percentile speed.


From a run expectancy standpoint, it’s not a terrible decision. Leury has had a 79% success rate on SB in his career. With 1 out and runners on the corner, run expectancy is 1.13. Stealing with a 79% success rate would increase it to 1.17, which is better, but not a huge win.

But the downsides are pretty high (as is obvious in retrospect). Leury would have to have ~90% success to not decrease the chances of scoring at least one run. So the Sox made a low upside, high downside move and it clearly bit them in the butt.


More importantly, why the everliving fuck was it Hendriks on 2nd instead of Abreu? It’s La Russa’s job to know the rules. I get that Abreu might not be faster than Hendriks but he doesn’t require kid gloves/is a lot easier to pinch run for in that scenario.


Abreu couldn’t be the runner. Vaughn made the last out, so was scheduled to be the runner. Abreu was already in the game, so couldn’t have been a pinch-runner.

The coach on the bench seemed to be telling Tony something about the substitution–he may have been pointing out that Hendrix would be the runner if the switch was made with Vaughn.

LuBob DuRob

Apparently pitchers don’t have to run? I dunno but it seems like it was manager’s choice between Hendriks and Abreu.


Yeah, he admitted he didn’t know that rule in the post-game interview. To be fair, I didn’t either, but they also didn’t pay me to be their manager.


Television showed Cairo, McEwing and La Russa all discussing the double switch. Did no one really know how this would work?


Oh that’s interesting. Obviously I didn’t either.


Could have had Lamb go in for Abreu and then Vaughn would have run. That would probably have been the best way to avoid running Hendriks other than just not flipping the lineup and pinchhitting for Hendriks.


Didn’t even have to do that. They don’t want pitchers getting hurt running the bases so if the runner on 2nd is scheduled to be the pitcher, teams are allowed to use the previous hitter instead.


Gotcha. That was news to me as well, but I don’t follow NL. Somehow Benetti and Kasper didn’t seem to know this or at least didn’t say anything on the broadcast. Would have expected Kasper to know. Obviously this is something TLR should know but so should the rest of the staff.


Starting to think Tony might be a step or two behind


La Russa is Homer at the poker table after being called slow, taking so long to process if he’s been insulted, that by the time he responds, everybody has already left.


TLR is managing with his CULO!


Joliet Orange Sox

Well, that clears things up. I was under the impression that the hiring was based entirely on friendship and what happened years ago but I guess I was mistaken.

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The postgame show was more embarrassing than the HOF manager’s performance, if that’s possible.


Why do I get the feeling that we’d be better off with La Russa missing 3-4 months and Robert in CF than Robert out and La Russa in the dugout?


I don’t think there’s any question. A better question is shortening that even more. I get the feeling we’d be better off with La Russa missing 3-4 months.

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To be fair to LaRussa, that would be true of literally any manager in existence