Sox Machine Live!: Shaky Opening Roadtrip

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Joliet Orange Sox

I think Jim nailed it when he said the decision to bring in Foster wasn’t crazy but the decision to leave him in that long was.

I’m in general a wait-and-see fan. I think 7 games is way too soon to be worried about Madrigal. I’m not ready to panic about Evan Marshall after 3 appearances. I also give managers/coaches less blame/credit when things don’t/do work because I think luck/officiating always plays a big role. Nothing that happened prior to the 6th inning today upset me much at all (although I was disappointed by many of the outcomes).

That said, I think the decision to leave Foster in to face 8 batters throwing 34 pitches while 7 runs crossed the plate on a day when you hoped to get work for the back end of your bullpen is such a bad decision that it is a serious concern by by itself. Foster not having it when he first came out can be perhaps written off as a bad luck. But TLR leaving him in past the walk to France is a decision with an risk/reward ratio approaching infinity. Even if it worked and Foster got the last out with the game still tied, how does the team really benefit (Ruiz gets an off day?? Bummer gets to stay in his comfort zone??) and we all saw what happened when it didn’t work.