Sox Machine Live!: Doubleheader Sweep of Detroit

Stream Date: 4-29-2021

Josh and Jim recap the Chicago White Sox doubleheader sweep of the Detroit Tigers. Big-time pitching performances from Carlos Rodon and Dylan Cease are a great sight to see. Can they bottle up this outing and continue the good vibes going into May?

Plus, Leury Garcia’s big day, Andrew Vaughn getting into a rhythm and a preview of the upcoming series against Cleveland.

You can watch below:

Or, you can listen to the episode below:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Great podcast thanks! Two things I’ve been wondering after the first month.

What happens when Eloy returns and Yermin and Vaughn both have an OPS around .800. What happens with the odd man out? Will Yermin rotate between 1B, DH (C), will Vaughn rotate between 1B, DH, LF (3B)?

With Vaughn getting a little more comfortable is it useful to upgrade LF at the deadline if he keeps this up? If not where can we upgrade? Replacements for Lamb, Garcia and Foster (assuming Engel replaces Hamilton)? I’m interested what others think about this.


I’ve thought the exact same thing. If Yermin keeps raking, he needs to stay in the lineup. I really don’t want to see Eloy in left ever again. And Vaughn keeps getting more comfortable both at the plate and in LF. I guess that’s a great problem to have (too many good players). It’s something that we as Sox fans have never had to consider before! I would assume they do a big rotation with Eloy/Abreu/Vaughn/Yermin. Or maybe start putting Yermin behind the plate occasionally if the .119-hitting Grandal does not start hitting.


I would love to hear podcast regarding this conundrum. Assuming that the Benz continues to rake and that Vaughn has an impressive 2021 season, what happens in 2022? How do we find playing time for the Benz, Abreu, Vaughn and Eloy?


Imagine an outfield of Robert flanked by Eloy and Vaughn.

(Luis Robert has this dream, wakes up in a cold sweat.)

I’d guess Vaughn would be the right fielder in this scenario due to his having the stronger arm. Either way, we are talking about a defensive catastrophe.

As Cirensica

The White Sox with the 2nd best run differential in baseball. Only Dodgers surpass them by 5 runs. Curious thing, only 5 teams in the AL has a positive run differential. This is very weird.


There’s really only one game the Sox lost that wasn’t close: Giolito’s morning start v. Red Sox.

This could be construed as a negative (they’ve blown games they should have won), but I’m choosing to see it as a positive: that morning, Patriot’s Day game was the Sox only loss of the season that the Sox win expectancy wasn’t above 53% at some point in the 6th inning or later. Thanks to excellent starting pitching, they’re putting themselves in the position to win almost every game.


I wonder how many times in MLB history the two starters of a doubleheader combined for more than 20 Ks? Surely it’s not common.


High on my list of welcome surprises: Vaughn’s uneventful tenure in LF….