Sporcle Saturday: Opening Day lineups since 1960

Good morning, and a happy weekend to all! Today is the day for the final exam: over the last 6 weeks you’ve been tasked with filling in, by position, every Opening Day starter for the White Sox dating back to 1960. This week will test your cumulative Opening Day starter knowledge: position by position, year by year, 1960-2020. In all, there are 597 names for you to fill in: how any can you get? Good luck!

Previous Installments

Quiz Parameters

  • This is a big Sporcle. In fact, it’s big enough that it’s actually split into two quizzes, since Sporcle limits the number of quiz entries to 300 at a time. So, note that one quiz runs from 1960-1990, and the other is from 1991-2020. I’ve linked to each at the bottom, and you may wish to use the links instead of the embedded quizzes, which might be a bit unwieldy due to their size.
  • Each quiz has the maximum allotment of time, 20 minutes.

Link to 1991-2020 quiz here

Link to 1960-1990 quiz here

All lineup information from baseballreference.com


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The marathon!

1991-2020: 300/300 with 4:37 remaining.
1960-1990: 283/297 before I ran out of time.


Whew!! that was long.
1961-1990: 295/297 missed

61 1b and 86 3b
Roy Sievers and Wayne Tolleson

1991-2020: 299/300 missed
2017 2nd baseman
Tyler Saladino

Last edited 3 years ago by roke1960

Thanks, Ted. I’m ready for something new!!


Thanks for putting these quizzes together. They are really fun and challenging!!


Oh lord, is this 40-man rosters?

I am bracing for anything.


Bring it on, Ted!! We’re ready for anything!!

Right Size Wrong Shape

Hopefully it involves Fred Manrique, because I think I’ve guessed him about 4,000 times over the years to no avail.

Trooper Galactus

267/300 for the first one. Not surprised by most of the ones I missed, and I’m glad that I’ve largely been able to shove the memories of the 2008 left fielder from my mind.