Podcast: 2021 Chicago White Sox Preview – Outfield

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3:50: Carlos Rodon throwing well
8:43: Zack Collins hitting his way on the Opening Day roster
12:16: Outfield preview
13:07: Adam Engel preview
17:25: Adam Eaton preview
29:00: Eloy Jimenez preview
32:49: Luis Robert preview
46:08: P.O. Sox

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Producer’s Note: This was our first attempt at producing the podcast in a video format. We’ll tinker and make adjustments for future videos. Plus, Josh’s background in future videos should be much better in a couple of weeks. If you haven’t already, please also subscribe to the Sox Machine YouTube channel.


  • Josh Nelson

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Fantastic show as always. I jumped on the Youtube version as soon as I saw it and it was so good even for a first try. The visuals definitely helped such as having the players stats and projections on the screen while you discussed them. As always I love the tough and realistic analysis and the over/under for HRs for Eloy and Robert actually had me conflicted where I don’t know if I want to be too optimistic or too pessimistic on them. I hope this keeps up because the new format is amazing and it was great to actually see the both of you.

A note though, not sure if this is part of the first attempt and intended but the comments on the video are off so I posted this here instead. And also I have been subscribed but when I try to click the bell to get all notification, it tells me “This action is turned off for content made for kids” and I can’t. So again, not sure if it’s part of the attempt or intentional but just noting that we can’t comment on the great video and we can’t get instant notifications on them.

Thanks as always for the great content and in depth analysis, Jim and Josh.

Jim Margalus

Thanks for the feedback. I changed some settings for when Sox Machine was dormant, and other features/rules were introduced when it was inactive, so I’m ironing it out as I go.


I see a partnership with podcast-stalwart Harry’s Shave Club in your future.


It’s great the podcast is on youtube now! I probably will still stream from audioboom in my car though.


Also quick question: Is the Sox Machine podcast on Spotify Geo-locked? Can’t find it on my end.