Podcast: 2021 Chicago White Sox Predictions


3:20: 26-Man Roster Hitters
15:20: 26-Man Roster Pitchers
19:13: 2021 Season Predictions
21:30: Fan 2021 Season Predictions
23:06: Most Valuable Hitter
27:19: Most Valuable Pitcher
30:19: Breakout Player
36:25: Rookie of the Year
44:28: White Sox Record Prediction
55:05: PO Sox

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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As Cirensica

Sox Machine Youtube videos!!! Didn’t know this existed! Subscribed.


You recorded the night you finished moving?!

You are made of sturdier material than I am.

Jim Margalus

Josh finished moving, I’d just regained feeling in my jaw after a couple hours of dental work. What you’re seeing are bloggers in peak form.


Both of you demonstrate commitment that is at once admirable and outright bonkers.

As Cirensica

Is that a Fender guitar in the background?

Right Size Wrong Shape

It will be mine. Oh, yes. It will be mine.

Jim Margalus

It’s a hand-me-down from my cousin, probably late-’80s, early ’90s. But it sounds good enough for my purposes.

Greg Nix

Good thing you had a normal spring training to work yourselves into regular season shape.


Hitter – Moncada
Pitcher – Giolito
Breakout player – Rodon
Rookie – Madrigal
Record – 97-65

Moncada is the most complete hitter on the team. He combines power, average, strike zone judgment, and speed. This year he’ll be healthy.

Giolito has multiple ways to succeed. If one pitch isn’t there, he can lean on another one to get outs.

So many choices for breakouts: Collins, Vaughn, Madrigal, Cease, and more. Rodon will finally tap into the talent that made him the third pick in the draft.

Madrigal’s defense and ability to hit .340 push him over Vaughn. Kopech and Crochet will be good, too, but they’re middle relievers on this team.

It was 99 wins, but Eloy has dampened that. Still, I think the Sox will cover the loss better than a lot of people expect. The worry is another long and costly injury to a key cog. (What happens if Timmy or Robert go down for an extended period?) We can cover 2 weeks here, 2 weeks there.

As Cirensica

Hitter – Moncada

I swear I read that as Hitler – Moncada.

Here I go:

Hitter – Abreu
Pitcher – Giolito
Breakout player – Cease
Rookie – Vaughn
Record – 90-72