First Pitch: White Sox vs. Rangers

Nicopanico / Wikipedia

Watch: NBC Sports Chicago


(Photo by Nicopanico / Wikipedia)


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LuBob DuRob

Jose’s back, excellent. 9 inning game today?

LuBob DuRob

Wonder how many attempts it took Narron to get the Kanji right? Impressive.


Kanji and Hebrew on the same lineup card cannot be commonplace.


Oh I missed you, Lucas


And how do you do, Andrew

LuBob DuRob

I didn’t think he got enough of it at first. Pulled his hands in nicely.

Last edited 3 years ago by LuBob DuRob

That’s a big Shalom to Arihara.


Did Giolito throw any curveballs?


I’m not sure. Katz mentioned that he used three pitches today so probably just four-seamer, sinker, and changeup today.

John SF

Pretty sure he struck out Khris Davis on a 12-6 slider (the “hard curveball” he was working on all off season).

I didn’t see any 2 seamers aka sinkers — but also, without statcast or velo numbers it’s hard to tell.

I think he threw a handful of his new breaking pitches, maybe one or two of his “old” sliders, his change a lot, and then of course plenty of 4 seam fastballs.

i would really love to read a more detailed breakdown from someone who took the effort to DVR it and look more carefully.

Last edited 3 years ago by John SF

From watching Lucroy play, I get the impression he doesn’t really want to make the opening day roster. Rust never sleeps

Trooper Galactus

I think the White Sox are hoping for another James McCann type miracle, but Lucroy has looked like he’s toast for the last three seasons.


Offensively, he looked OK, but throws were way off. He almost hit the pitcher on one throw and skipped it across the infield. His throw to third in another play was almost over the third baseman.


Yeah that stood out to me. I kinda expected the opposite from the “once upon a time top of the game” veteran

Trooper Galactus

Jake Odorizzi is still on the market and reportedly seeking a 3-year deal for around $40-50m. This would be a good opportunity for the White Sox if they could convince him to come in on a Lance Lynn type of 3/30 deal with incentives and maybe even a vesting option. They really need to invest more in 2022-23 right now, and a guy who’s generally averaged 30 credible starts seems like a good investment.


Looks like AAA is delayed now, too. That’s got to mean, barring a dreadful spring, Vaughn is the opening day DH, right?

Trooper Galactus

I dunno, what’s the druthers forecast for April 1st?