P.O. Sox: Looking back on the White Sox offseason, assuming it’s almost over

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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Trooper Galactus

Adolfo has reportedly bulked up/ballooned to the 260 pound range. I don’t think he’s capable of covering an outfield corner at that size, especially given his lack of reps out there.


This is something I have wondered about not having a normal minors season last year. Will we find guys out of condition, see more injuries or maybe skills degraded.

Trooper Galactus

In Adolfo’s case, I think it’s more a case of over-conditioning than lack of it. I guess he’s just become a hulking mound of muscle, which kinda sounds to me like a guy whose only path to the majors is as a DH. Yup, another one.


Adolfo is the prospect I’m most eager to see in ’21 outside of the top 4. Cespedes/Colas notwithstanding, Adolfo seems like the last remaining hitting prospect (outside the top 4) that could realistically plug into this core. Everyone else is either too far away in age (Bailey, Rodriguez) or too far away in talent/production (Gonzalez, Rutherford). I hope he starts in AAA. I could see him sinking, but if he learns to swim he could be a nice replacement if when Eaton or Jimenez are injured. If he is swimming in AAA (to continue to the metaphor), I’d probably rather see him get a shot than Nick Williams.


After I typed that, I thought I should go look up Nick Williams to confirm that final sentence and because I just haven’t yet. I learned thatt in 2 of Nick’s 3 MLB seasons he posted a higher wRC+ than Nomar Mazara ever has. And I don’t say this because I’m excited to see Nick, but as an indictment on the White Sox RF plans last year. Sheesh.


I don’t understand why people are fascinated with Adolfo (or Rutherford for that matter). His numbers in the minors are mediocre, and he has not even played in the upper minors. I’d love to see someone like him emerge, but seems very low probability. Nick Williams is probably more likely to help, and his chances aren’t good either. Their only shot at a decent RF this year, like it or not, it Eaton staying healthy. I resent that he was their choice, but if he stays healthy, he is one year removed from a solid season in 2019. Realistically he is the only outfielder in their organization that could be decent in RF in 2021. Although Engel might be better than people think… he should have gotten way more at bats last year after it was obvious that Mazara was beyond help. We can only hope for the best, we’ll see.


I look at the prospect grades on FanGraphs, and I see 70 grade tools for Madrigal (future hit tool; only 60 grade presently), Kopech (fastball), and Adolfo (raw power), among only a couple others. From what I’ve seen, I’ve been quite impressed by Madrigal’s hitting and Kopech’s heat, so I’d love to see Adolfo tap into his raw power, if it really is at a comparable level.

Unfortunately, Adolfo’s minor league numbers and his 30/35 grade hit tool suggest he won’t be able to show off his power often enough to be useful. But one can hope. Not so much for help in RF (except in an emergency), but as a potential DH/PH who crushes the ball.

Note that Mercedes and Adolfo are both listed with 50 grade present game power (with Adolfo having upside to 60 grade in the future), but Mercedes already has a 55 grade hit tool, while Adolfo has yet to reach his meager 35 grade potential. So hopes for Mercedes to be able to hold his own as a DH seem more realistic, but I don’t want to give up completely on Adolfo’s raw power.


Well, his numbers have actually been good and he has played in the high minors (AA, though he struggled with injuries in 2019). I’m certainly not banking on him contributing, but he’ll likely start at AAA and he’s got the tools to make some noise. If he does and Eaton is struggling or injured in June/July, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a shot.

So, I’m not anticipating he’ll be around like the top 4, but outside of the top 4 prospects he’s got the best shot among offensive prospects of contributing this year and in the near future.

Trooper Galactus

Adolfo has the physical makeup to have a year like Jorge Soler did in 2019. None of their other outfield prospects has that sort of peak capability, even if they might have other talents (defense, speed, contact) that make them safer bets to at least break into the majors.

El Arvo

I appreciate you continuing to answer my ridiculous questions. I think Josh has the chops for the kind of fashion scouting you mentioned

John SF

+1 for the idea of Josh adding a “fashion 5” segment to the podcast periodically.

I want to hear Josh Nelson talk about player style for five minutes once every week or two. The Athletic has started publishing an NBA Fashion power rankings segment each week and it’s ????????


Jim, people will continue to think you are much older than your age if you recommend Melvyn Bragg’s work.

Here’s where I recommend Bragg’s “Routes of English” series.

To Err is Herrmann

I know it is pointless to speculate on the motives or thought-process of Mr Jerry Reinsdorf, but I wonder if one reason he is keeping his payroll low might be because he anticipates a new CBA that is not in the owners’ favor (in addition to lost revenue from empty seats). There are plenty of fanbases reeling from the actions of their owners. I have a co-worker friend who is a Rockies fan. I thought he was going to start crying during a Zoom department meeting. Poor guy.

As Cirensica

That Scorpions & the CIA thing is really something.

As Cirensica

The podcast about Venezuela on the Bonus section of Wind of Change (Click here) was interesting, but I found the whole thing a bit too conspiracy whispering.

Right Size Wrong Shape

The CIA kicks @ss!

John SF

Thanks for adding the podcast stuff Jim! I’m going to for sure check some of those out.

If you like “Why is this Happening?” I suggest you try NPR’s Throughline podcast.

It’s similar, but better IMO. The hosts are amazing. My only knock on Throughline is that’s it’s so powerful I can’t listen unless I’m on a walk or something. I always come out of it with so much deeper and richer an understanding of whatever important topic they’re covering, & so I often feel like I need some time to process it before I move onto any other activities.