P.O. Sox: DH, left field, or men who can do both

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Michael Kenny

That’s a bingo!

Last edited 3 years ago by Michael Kenny

Nice chunk of change they put up…Seems they out bid some significant competitors based on the price tag

Kudos to the organization for spending some coin at least.

Last edited 3 years ago by dwjm3

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe Hendriks is the first Australian in team history. James Fegan quick with the story tonight:

Sources told The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal that Hendriks will make $39 million over the first three years of the contract. Hendriks has a $15 million option for the fourth year, which doubles as a buyout. If the Sox decline his option, they can pay him that $15 million over a period of time.

Last edited 3 years ago by asinwreck

No, I believe that honor is Shane Lindsay of the 2011 September callup variety


Now there’s a name I honestly don’t remember with the Sox. Checks notes…

I do hope Hendriks gets into more than 4 games over his Sox career. (Also, Ted, if you’re reading, I’m almost certainly going to fail to guess Lindsay in any future Sporcles.)


Of course “Dingo_Sox” knows this tidbit!


We apparently signed Hendricks



Last edited 3 years ago by SonOfCron

If we’re still looking for “a pitcher who’s more likely to be available than one who has an outside shot at being incredible“, Porcello might be our man. I believe he has pitched more innings over the past five seasons (851) than any other free agent starter. And he’ll probably be cheaper than Quintana, which is probably even more important now given the Hendriks contract. Wouldn’t be an exciting pick-up, but it could be useful.


I disagree with this whole sentiment. Lopez already fills the high-availability-low-upside position in our rotation. I don’t think another one moves the needle at all.

Let’s add a high-upside guy like Paxton who could provide a strong 60 innings. When he’s unavailable you move Kopech up. If another starter misses time you move Lopez up. If we have more injuries than that I’d rather see what Lambert, Flores, or Stiever can give us. We have enough depth to make it through the regular season already, but Paxton is much more likely than Quintana to help us in October.