P.O. Sox: Money, Adam Eaton, giving money to Adam Eaton

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What would the White Sox prospect equivalent in the Darvish trade have been? It seems a lot more underwhelming haul than the Snell trade, especially considering Caratini was included.

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This is a shockingly underwhelming return. MLB has such a broken process where actually winning games is of distant concern to way too many teams. Yu is a front line starting pitcher under reasonable cost control for 3 years and the cubs walk away without a top 100 prospect… every team that is suppose to be in contention for 2021 should be able to beat this package and upgrade their team the fact no one did is absurd.


I can’t decide how I feel about this one because each player involved is difficult to evaluate.

I would have loved if the Sox added Yu, but he wasn’t exactly frontline in 2018-2019 (FIP of 4.86; 4.18). I’m not sure how to factor in his 2020.

Davies is also difficult to evaluate. He’s young and good but not controllable. Meanwhile, all four prospects seem to be on the up and up. All four would probably be in or around top 10 in the Sox system.


The Sox don’t have a version of Davies. Maybe he’d be something like 2018 Reynaldo Lopez (when Lopez was decent) except if Lopez had consistently done that and have one year of control left?

As for the prospects, I’d say something like Benjamin Bailey, Adolfo, Dalquist, and Thompson.

Per Jim’s earlier post about the Snell trade: if the Sox did pull off such a trade, that middle tier of interesting prospects with some upside would be decimated.

To Err is Herrmann

White Sox Baseball: Being Jaded Is Required!

John SF

when you called Hahn a “baseball man” I really couldn’t help but feel you had missed an opportunity to called him a “front office baseball person” or something with an even closer cadence.

I guess it’s not fair to besmirch Hahn with something like that. But, credit to TLR, it’s a catchy phrase.

Trooper Galactus

“Corner office at the end of the hall baseball person” is probably too much for casual conversation.


I’m confused about the Colas situation. Robert’s Instagram aside, is Fangraphs suggesting the Sox have a deal in place? If not, it seems odd to put him in the same category as Cespedes and Kim.

If so, does that mean he won’t officially sign until 2022 since the Sox are out of international money? Or could they still get him for 2021 somehow?


So, is your impression that the deal will become official in January 2022 & 2022 will be the first year Colas is in the Sox system? Or is there a chance we see him in the US this year?