Podcast: Goodbye, Rick Renteria (and Don Cooper)

Josh and Jim recap the shocking news of Rick Renteria and Don Cooper’s firings. They discuss why were they let go after a seemingly successful 2020 season, and who are the leading contenders to replace Renteria. 

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at josh@soxmachine.com.

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Great emergency podcast; thanks for doing it. I share Josh’s suspicion that a deal is already in place with Hinch, especially given Keuchel’s tweet. As I have no idea if Cora and Hinch are barred from even talking with teams until their suspensions end, could it be that the team has used non-executive Keuchel as a go-between under the guise of saying hello to his former manager?


doesn’t sound like the best way to follow up on a cheating scandal


Superb !!! This podcast is why Sox Machine is number 1 in regard to thoughtful dedicated Sox analysis. Your thoughtful discussion of Ricky’s strengths and weaknesses as a manager in regard to what he could or not do in recent weeks. The discussion of the reasons for Cooper’s demise. Your insight on how Ozzie, Thomas and even the revered never to be questioned Steve Stone often play to the audience with their criticisms without offering alternative solutions, which personally annoyed me during this pandemic season. Finally I loved Jim hilarious comment that he might have an aneurism if La Russa was named manager . I am old and I WOULD have one if he or Ozzie ( who could have been manger for life as you noted if he had not acted like a complete jackass) was named manager. The whole podcast was flawless.
Thanks for a great job on putting these atypical Sox bombshells in perspective


I didn’t realize AJ Hinch was the VP of Scouting for San Diego. I wouldn’t mind having another pair of talent evaluations eyes around given we know Hahn struggles to evaluate ancillary roster pieces.

I don’t know if you guys mentioned that on the podcast as I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.


So about this Nightingale tweet.


It’s Nightengale, so I’m trying to stay calm, but he’s doubling down and saying La Russa is their number 1 candidate. One mention of La Russa as a courtesy? Ok, weird Jerry stuff, but harmless. Another mention that’s even stronger? I’m at a loss. I’m going to lose my mind if they finally look like they doing something forward-thinking and hire La Russa instead. Since Nightengale is probably getting his information from Jerry, I’m at a loss to figure this out. Is this an odd negotiation tactic to use La Russa to get who they really want a little cheaper? “You better hurry up and take our offer, or La Russa might grab it first … after we wake him up in the middle of the intersection.”


I’m praying this is because they want to hire Hinch and they want the fanbase to be like… oh thank god they didn’t hire LaRussa.


The Twitter replies to BN’s doubling down are comedy gold.


Guys tend to go to people they know to fill out the coaching staff. With the limiting factor of now knowing who is available, Is there a sense of which pitching coaches could come along for the ride?

To Err is Herrmann

If Grandal is willing to enthusiastically welcome Hinch to the team, okay. However, it was Hinch who dared people to find dirt on the Astros, and his story that he hit the monitors with a bat some months after he first learned of the scheme was not corroborated by the 2019 clubhouse. Hinch told Sports Illustrated that “I feel like I felt short.” As Cody Bellinger said, it’s whatever. I would rather have Alomar. He bypassed the 2016 bench coach job because he would not do that to Ventura. I find that impressive — and the kind of character that is indicative of a leader.