Twins 8, White Sox 1: Defense departs Minnesota early

It took a while for the score to reflect how ugly this evening unfolded, but it found a way to grow into it.

Reynaldo López didn’t make it out of the second, but the White Sox had to suffer a bunch of smaller indignities — just about all of them self-administered — before it reached blowout status.

It’s fairly apparent that López doesn’t have the stuff to compete for more than a turn through the lineup, but knowing that, it puts defense at a premium, and the White Sox gloves were anything but.

Nick Madrigal nearly cost López an inning-ending double play in the first inning when he flipped so softly to second that it threw off Tim Anderson’s timing in crossing the bag. The somewhat-literal twin killing somehow withstood a replay, which allowed López to escape a bases-loaded-nobody-out jam in the first inning completely unscathed.

But an actual Madrigal error opened the floodgates in the second. López had already given up a two-out run on a Jake Cave solo shot that nobody thought was leaving the park — not my ears, not the broadcasters, not Luis Robert in center, not even Cave himself. López then walked Ryan Jeffers, but got Max Kepler to hit a firm grounder to the left of Madrigal.

Madrigal ranged to his left, but he didn’t get the glove down in time. It trickled behind him, and while he recovered to make a throw to first, Kepler beat it to the bag to keep the inning alive. Josh Donaldson doubled them both home, and Rick Renteria came out to lift him from the game 53 pitches and five outs deep.

Once the White Sox offense wasted its best chance to get back into the game — José Abreu hit a nubber to first with the bases loaded and one out for the rally’s only run — the evening slowly rolled into the ditch.

An inventory of the unfortunate events:

Third inning: Ross Detwiler had MIguel Sanó struck out on a half swing, but first base umpire Shane Livensparger somehow didn’t see Sanó’s wrists flex, nor the bat head travel across the entirety of the plate. Sanó then hit a solo homer.

Fourth inning: With Detwiler on the verge of fulfilling the first half of the White Sox’s pitching obligations, Yoán Moncada fielded a grounder by Jorge Polanco, crow-hopped and bounced a throw that Abreu couldn’t scoop. Detwiler then gave up a single to Cruz before Eddie Rosario popped out to end the inning with no runs scored.

Fifth inning: Sanó led off with a double, but got hung out to dry when Abreu trapped Luis Arraez’s smashed grounder. Abreu did the right thing by running at Sanó, but had he known the kind of effort Moncada would make running him back to second, Abreu might have just tried to tag Sanó himself. Moncada played hot potato with the base behind Sanó, forcing Tim Anderson to rush a throw to third that was behind Abreu. Sanó scored, Arraez took second, and Arraez came home on a Cave single.

Sixth inning: Jimmy Cordero entered to pitch for the 18th time in 17 games and started with a walk and a homer on a mediocre changeup. Arraez then hit a drive to left field that Eloy Jiménez botched by breaking back, then collapsing on his attempt to break back in. It did not result in a run.

All in all, the White Sox committed four errors while only tallying four hits. That usually doesn’t get it done.

Bullet points:

*The Indians took control of first place with a win tonight, but the Sox are still in second by a half-game.

*Jiménez was mystified by Berríos at the plate, striking out swinging in all three of his at-bats.

*Abreu was the only Sox to reach twice, going 1-for-3 with a single and a painful HBP on the elbow. He also made the lone standout play defensively with a sliding, over-the-shoulder catch in foul territory.

*Codi Heuer, who hopefully will take more of Cordero’s appearances in the future, retired all four batters he faced with two strikeouts.

Record: 22-15 | Box score | Statcast

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Shingos Cheeseburgers

Thank you, side of Max Kepler’s glove, for keeping the Sox out of third place

Shingos Cheeseburgers

10-13 the rest of the way probably gets them into the postseason. 5-9 against the (currently) over 0.500 teams, 5-4 against the rest. Seems doable.

‘Worse than the Twins but over 0.500’ would have been fine by me if I coulda signed off on that in February. That newly introduced carrot of a playoff spot certainly has ratcheted up the tension and expectations.


yea thats very doable, with the no home field and teams likely being put in a bubble out west all that matters is getting in


There is virtually no tension in this regular season, particularly in the American League. Seven spots are locks, including the White Sox.


Ricky needs to be brought up on charges for what he is doing to Jimmy Cordero. It is now beyond humor… he is seriously messing with the guy’s career. I remember when the Angels’ broadcasters used to brag about Scot Shields’ rubber arm… until it fell off after Scoscia/Maddon set it on fire and stomped on it.

Also, if Moncada can’t run after fat Miguel Sano, he needs to sit. Although for a legless man, his bat-on-shoulder plate appearances should be a lesson for the youngsters that don’t understand the term ‘free base’.


And yet Moncada tried for a bunt base hit? Ricky says the injury is near his hamstring but not exactly his hamstring…

I don’t know what to believe about his leg anymore.


I don’t understand the Cordero over-use either. However, I don’t believe it’s possible for him to pitch for the 18th time in 17 games, as the account of this game indicates. Whatever the actual numbers are, he’s been throwing too much lately.

Just put Moncada on the injured list. If he can’t hit, run, throw or execute basic rundown plays, there is no reason for him to be out there. He is not helping the team in his current condition. Maybe 10 days from now, he will feel a lot better.


I think the 18 outta 17 is tongue in cheek. Basically feels like cordero has thrown more innings than a SP at this point. I’m glad I didn’t have a chance to watch any of that mess last night. The twins always seem to be the buzzkill. Hoping for 3/4 against KC.


What team is Reynaldo Lopez gonna be pitching for next year cause at this point I dont see a spot in the sox organization unless its in Charlotte?

Giolito, Kuechel, Cease… are locks (3)
Figure they sign or trade for a #2 type (1)
Kopech, Dunning, (2)

Even if they let Rodon and Gonzalez walk thats 6 viable starters IMO already better suited for the rotation then Lopez. Contending teams can’t run a guy out there year what 4 or 5 of his career and hope the light turns on.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

The year is 3168. Jimmy Cordero is summoned out of the pen for his 168,804th consecutive appearance. The Sox are one game behind Reykjavik for the 17th wild card slot and trying to make the postseason in consecutive seasons for the first time in team history. Nelson Cruz hits a lead off double on the first pitch.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Watching Luis Robert hitting 449 foot dingers off of obsidian façades while knawing on some Hákarl would be dope

As Cirensica

As much as we dislike Rey Lopez at the moment, he will start his next game (unless he goes into the IL). Simply put, Renteria does not have any other better options. Rey Lopez will probably be on a short leash like last night when Renteria took him out of the game after just 53 pitches. And that’s what Renteria should do moving forward, use Lopez and pray he can give us 4 or 5 innings. Once we are in the play offs, Lopez should not start any game.

Next year we will have Kopech back, but who knows which Kopech we will get. Hahn’s off season should be very simple:
1) Sign Trevor Bauer at any cost.
2) Let Mazara go away, and find a decent RF. Maybe he won’t have enough money for Springer. Signing Bauer is a must, and Springer should not preclude that. This team offense is gonna be good, so all Hahn needs to do is get a RF that does not suck.
3) Get one reliever or two
4) Keep McCann

That’s it.


Getting Bauer for free would still be a huge cost.

As Cirensica

Are you talking about his personality? I happen to like him or don’t mind him. He seems to be a smart guy. A bit opinionated at times, but he is also the best pitcher available next year.

As Cirensica

Well…this didn’t age well.


I was fine with not making a huge splash this deadline, but this game exemplified why they should have at least traded for a back end starter or OF. Robbie Ray or Ross Stripling etc all could have been had for very little. On the otherside of that, I would have been fine with trading for someone like Brian Goodwin to play RF.

As Cirensica

Rey Lopez is a back-end starter. He has been atrocious, but he has thrown only 9 innings. He has been hurt. I believe he is better than this, but not by much. Probably enough to be a back end starter. Let’s see what he brings on his next start.


Yes, he has been a back-end starter over the last 2 years. This year has been a different story. He’s thrown 9 innings over 4 starts. He has no control or command of any pitches and just looks straight up lost this year. I’m not saying we should give up on him but he should not be relied upon this year to be a starter for a “playoff” team. In fact, I’d argue this is a perfect year to see what he can do as a reliever.


I think his next start would be in Pittsburgh. He will be well-rested. I guess let him start that one, and see what happens. If he has a poor outing against what might be the worst team in baseball, that would prove once and for all that it’s a lost cause to have him start any additional games this year.