Podcast: Taking Care of Business

The Chicago White Sox swept Detroit again to finish 21-3 against the Tigers, Kansas City Royals, and Pittsburgh Pirates. Josh and Jim recap what happened over the weekend, including the return of Reynaldo Lopez and Jonathan Stiever’s MLB debut. 

Now that the White Sox are done playing the rebuilding teams, they press on for a critical four-game series against Minnesota. They preview the key matchups and offer their predictions on how the series will unfold. 

[1:50] White Sox taking care of business

[4:10] Reynaldo Lopez’s return

[11:01] Jonathan Stiever’s MLB debut

[17:01] Can Eloy Jimenez be a .340 hitter?

[27:39] Jose Abreu RBI Update

[29:48] Twins Preview – series expectations

[32:42] Berrios vs. Cease

[37:22] Need Giolito to be an Ace

[40:15] Series prediction

[46:01] Fan question: How should we celebrate White Sox first winning record under Rick Hahn?

[54:02] PO Sox:

mark sambor 

What place do you think the Sox would be in if they played in each of the other 5 divisions?

[62:09] PO Sox:

Mark Hope 

In 2012 with 14 games to go the Sox were up on the Tigers by 2 and proceeded to go 4-10 the rest of the way and lost the division by 3 games. Given that they’re a virtual lock to make the playoffs in 2020 the dynamic is a little different than 2012 but this year feels different to me. Am I setting myself for emotional trauma or is there a different vibe to this stretch run than in 2012?

[69:03] PO Sox:

lew powell 

Most promising Sox rookie class since….?


[73:34] Andrew Segall 

Of the players on the 45 day IL, do you think any will return for the post season and would any one player’s return make a substantial impact?

[80:13] Chef Eric 

I am ecstatic there is a good chance both Aberu and Anderson (and maybe Luis Robert) are getting MVP votes. That these guys are on the leaderboards for FanGraphs and Baseball Reference for WAR is huge. For you guys though, who has been the more surprising or interesting player for MVP?

[86:22] Arvi 

It seems the better Eloy plays, the less buttons he fastens on his shirt. Any chance he is shirtless by the end of the season? Any chance the Sox start selling the Eloy plummeting V-neck shersey?

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This podcast has been available for several hours but there is yet to be a Twitter account for Eloy Goulet.

Ted Mulvey

Big takeaway from this excellent episode is that Jim isn’t a big chain guy.