White Sox Wake Up Call: August 18, 2020

Good morning. Here’s the rundown:

  • RECAP: A homer happy evening in Chicago
  • PREVIEW: The Tigers call up two top young starters.
  • MLB NEWS: The Plesac/Clevinger saga continues.

Listen here!

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I appreciate that relitigating this particular subject gets wearisome after a while, but holy jeebus god almighty, shouldn’t Hahn be fired outright for that Tatis trade? And then rehired just so as to fire him again?
It’d be one thing if Tatis was relatively below-the-radar excellent like Semien, but it feels like there are nightly highlight reels from this fella just perpetually twisting that knife.


I went to watch the highlight of Tim and Yoan hitting back to back homers on the white sox website and I saw Tatis was the next highlight set to play. I quickly clicked off the website as I didn’t want to be pissed off.

I can’t wait until some meatball fan tries to tell me trading Tatis was Kenny’s fault.


Nice recap, Greg. Good to hear about more discord in Cleveland.

Gio “Friggin” González with the Ks! Yeah!

A hard stance from Cleveland management and players might be a turning point for the season. It’s not “you screwed up and stay home ten days” but rather “you screwed up and no pay and no service time and we don’t want you back this year.”