The Preferred Crosstown Cup Setup

It’s that time of year again. That time where you have to be on the defense for all of your buddies who haven’t watched a game all season, to come out of the wood work. “Hey, did you see that? The Sox suck.” “Thank you, David – did you realize that Dexter Fowler hasn’t been on your team for years?” Every season is the same thing. It’s even worse when attending these games. As Jim mentioned in the most recent episode of Sox Machine Live, often times, when the Sox are at home, we have to contend with the plethora of fans of the more popular team. It is such a defeating feeling to hear a roar of the crowd only to realize that Javy Baez just ripped a double down the line. But not this year. And hopefully not this team. With no one in the stadium **make your White Sox attendance joke here because it’s so fresh**, we can all watch the game without the backlash of the rivaling crowd. I still don’t look forward to this series, but this year and with this team, I am ready to snap back at David – who still thinks Jake Arietta is walking through that door – when the time comes. Let’s GO.


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