Sox Machine Live!: Latest on MLB Postponements and Preview Sox vs. Royals

The last 24 hours have seen athletes from the various professional sports leagues come together to postpone games in response to the police shooting of James Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Josh and Jim cover what has transpired around the league, and with the White Sox having Thursday off, will they boycott Friday’s game?

Also recap Lucas Giolito’s no-hitter, Jose Abreu leading the American League in home runs, and preview the upcoming weekend series against the Kansas City Royals.

Listen below:

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Apparently some potential for a Manfred sacking, I’m all for it.


Remarkable franchise. The uniformed personnel work to provide a memorable statement while upper management resembles a Mr. Show sketch.

Papa Giorgio

Yet another event to go in the lolmets vault…


Nice job tackling a difficult issue…Good show


I want to respond to the one-sided racial injustice comments made by Josh earlier this year and on today’s podcast. While Josh is a smart baseball analyst, his social justice views demonstrate an inability to understand a complex issue. The primary problem is not the police but an out of control population that commits a disproportionate amount of crime. Cops have a right to protect themselves from violent people who are not obeying the law. Statistics show there is no difference between the number of blacks that are shot by cops than whites (relative to the amount of contact with the police, which must be the benchmark). Yes, there are instances of cops who step past the line, but its a tiny fraction; the proposed solutions (including de-funding the police) will do far more harm than good. And now you have the emergence of younger people whose thinking has been infected by years of socialist ideology in the “education” system. America is obviously not a perfect country, but it is good, especially compared to other nations (how would black people be treated in China or Japan? Answer: its irrelevant, they would not be allowed in). Many people today have forgotten–or never learned–the reason for America’s founding: liberty from tyrants (Royalty in Europe), individuals’ right, and self-reliance. This is a Marxist plot to re-constitute the USA into a socialist country dependent on the state–which caters to a small minority of politically connected people (ie, bolsheviks). Read the history of the Russian revolution — its the exact same playbook that’s being used in America today–convince lower income people that they are oppressed, blame it on others, attack the country’s history, tear down statutes, put thugs on the streets, and suppress opposition. I would advise readers to view the full police bodycams and autopsy results from the George Floyd incident: it was a tragic series of events, but the cops were only trying to restrain a non-cooperative person – he died from having 2x-3x the amount of fentanyl in his system that is considered lethal, various other drugs, substantial heart and lung problems, recovering from COVID, and the stress of the situation (this was why he was having breathing problems). Also, look at the full 2 minute Jacob Blake video — it paints a different picture than the 20 second clip. In writing this post, I hope SoxMachine is a site that respects people’s right to freedom of thought and freedom of speech. Because without the later, you destroy the former.

Jim Margalus



This is America. You’re free to think and/or say whatever you want, no matter how ignorant it is.

As Cirensica

My head hurts…I came here to read comments about Dyson, and found this.


Go away, forever


Jared Dyson to the sox


seems a little redundant with engel but no harm, some international pool money going the other way

want to see a lefty pen arm added before Monday’s deadline ends, tony watson from the giants makes a lot of sense


I like it from the stand point of run prevention. Dyson in left, Robert in Center, and Engel in right in the 9th inning. It will be like trying to hit a ball through a net.


I thought they might go after Holt released by Milwaukee. I don’t believe he is a CF, but he would have given them versatility overall.


true but who is getting dropped off the roster to facilitate that, keep in mind things also are about to get a lot tighter with madrigal and possibly rodon back soon


Gonzalez then Goins?
A question I have is whether the Sox plan to add Yolmer, short of being forced to by injury. And what kind of move would that require


totally forgot about gonzalez good point


I don’t follow this topic too closely but if the Sox are again giving up international money, does that mean we should expect they won’t be big players internationally? And wasn’t there a big fish (Cuban?) they were reported to be after?


Apparently it’s for the current signing period, which is money they weren’t using anyway?

Anyway, I like this potential all CF defense for late in games.

The #WhiteSox's total expenditure for outfielder Jarrod Dyson is about $550,000: They are giving the #Pirates about $220,00 in international pool money and picking up the remaining $333,000 of his salary.

— Bob Nightengale (@BNightengale) August 28, 2020


OK. Looks like this signing period was extended into Fall so that makes sense.

As Cirensica

I like this potential all CF defense for late in games.

You know we already have a good CF, right?

I think the Sox made this move for Dyson’s speed which is a little bit weird since we score runs via homers…mostly.


He means sticking a guy with the ability to play center field at every outfield position.

As Cirensica

That makes sense. We have two bad corner outfielders that could be replaced by Engel and Dyson. Makes a lot of sense. I guess we are getting rid of Collins how serves no purpose.


Josh, when you have the best friend of the show on next time, could you ask him to elaborate on this line of his most recent chat?

Concerning Luis Robert, he wrote “I think his upside could be GG CF Vlad.”


As an attorney who has tangential knowledge in defending police and municipalities i in 1983 federal civil rights cases you have made an excellent points. Unfortunately you have to expect people to deride logic and reason in a toxic mob culture like this by trying to make the half truths the norm. Thanks soloopsox ( fan who probably is experiencing mob rule in that area of the city like I am East Lakeview ) for the courage to state the truth .


Yes people like Josh will not allow facts to get in the way of their virtue signalling. The amount of data, anecdotal evidence and studies debunking the narrative of BLM and their mouth pieces is staggering. It’s why they can only provide anecdotal evidence and even then they rarely provide the complete or accurate picture. Does the media cover the elderly white and Hispanic people on the streets of Chicago that have been attacked in recent days by BLM supporters? Of course not. One elderly gentleman was beaten by 3 individuals on 34th and Halsted. Another elderly gentlemen who was mistaken for being white was beaten on 31st and Emerald.

Take the Jacob Blake incident. The initial story is that he was breaking up a domestic dispute. That has been debunked. Blake’s girlfriend called the police on him because he would not leave the premises and should not have been there. The responding officers were notified that Blake had an outstanding warrant for felony sexual assault. He had also been to jail and had prior gun charges. Blake was known to be armed and dangerous by local law enforcement. The officers arrived and tried to take Blake into custody but resisted arrest. Two tasers were deployed but failed. Blake accessed the vehicle, with children in the back and that is where he was shot. The officer commanded Blake to drop the knife. Blake even admitted he had a knife which was recovered from the floorboard of the vehicle. The media has left out details regarding Floyd and Breonna Taylor also, that has been par for the course.