Sox Machine coffee mugs now on sale

The “You can call me 2012 Dan Johnson” coffee mugs I teased last week are now on sale in the newly launched Sox Machine shop.


Mugs are $25, which includes the cost of USPS Priority Mail shipping. You also have the option of getting a handful of items from my collection of stickers, magnets and coasters for an additional $3.50. Promo codes are available for Patreon supporters at the $5/mo. and $10/mo. tiers.

Thinking about Patreon? For new supporters at the $10 tier, you’ll have a mug earmarked for you, and it’ll be shipped after your second month of supporting Sox Machine. I’m planning to set aside a dozen for new supporters and adjusting accordingly.


I’m limiting the availability to 10 at a time or thereabouts because that’s a number I can stay on top of on a given day. Should you see no availability or low availability, check back the following day. When I’m down to the final number, I’ll make that clear.

International shipping

The store interface is limited to customers in the United States to keep it simple on my side, due to the wide variance in shipping costs outside the country. If you’re outside the U.S., shoot me an email (jim at soxmachine) with your request and postal code, and we can discuss our options.

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Jumped on it!

Does this mean that the pint glasses are not going to be for sale, ever? Did I miss my chance by not subscribing at the higher tier?