White Sox Wake-Up Call: July 29, 2020

Good morning. Here’s the rundown:

  • TUESDAY: The White Sox dropped both ends of a doubleheader to the Cleveland Indians, and in similar fashions.
  • TONIGHT: Lucas Giolito will try to redeem himself and help the Sox avoid the sweep, and they won’t have to face Shane Bieber.
  • AROUND THE LEAGUE: The Marlins are paused, the Phillies are on hold, another starter is done for the year, another team gets wrecked early by the Twins, and the Dodgers make their displeasure with the Astros known.

Listen below:

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I promised myself this morning I would come up with something positive sox related. In the lead for first overall pick! I did it.

Red Line Trane

Trying to decide what’s been more frustrating:

a) Renteria’s baffling crush on Delmonico. Or…
b) Reynaldo’s insistence that his struggles last season were all mental, and then trying to pitch through a sore shoulder on his very first start.


Has anything more been reported on Jimenez? Maybe I am wrong but I sense Covid is being used as cover not to communicate more broadly