Podcast: Tough Start to 2020

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Guest: Matt Lyons, Let’s Go Tribe

After the series loss to the Twins, Josh and Jim discuss the impact of Reynaldo Lopez’s pending injury prognosis, Rick Renteria’s usage of Nicky Delmonico, and Coronavirus outbreaks with teams traveling on the road. Now that the White Sox kick off an eight-game road trip starting in Cleveland, old friend Matt Lyons from Let’s Go Tribe joined the podcast to dish out intel.

P.O. Sox questions this week:

Mark Hope

I think the general consensus for this season was that the Sox were going to move out of the bottom tier of teams and into the middle tier – I don’t think anyone’s realistic expectation is that this team was going to be in the same elite tier competitively as Minnesota and that seems to have been borne out this weekend. While we’ll likely know the answer by the end this upcoming week is there anything you saw this weekend that makes you think they’ll struggle with teams in the middle competitive tier like Cleveland?


Is it time to get very, very excited about Luis Robert?

Bonus P.O. Sox Questions for Patreon Supporters:

Gar Ridge

Any guesses how this year’s trade market might be different compared to the before times? Relatedly, if it came down to giving up 2-3 minor leaguers you really liked for a rental starter (say a Mike Minor), would you do it to get into these expanded playoffs?

mark sambor

Knowing what we know now about the 2020 season, is there anything in hindsight you would have done differently during this past offseason?

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Confidence levels

Offense 9/10
SP 6/10
Bullpen 6/10
Coaching 3/10

The ricky thing is not gonna work, he is a place holder, a good stop gap for a young team but he isn’t good enough to take you to the promise land. The sad part is the whitesox will spend all of yoan, eloy, roberts etc prime years not acknowledging this so buckle up.

As Cirensica

Confidence level baseball will continue as the Marlins covid-19 outbreak develops 1/10


Gonna say 2/10 on that, backs are up against the wall now, one more team has a big outbreak and I think its ovah

As Cirensica

I think it is over already


Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor

As Cirensica



Animal house… its a movie, this is a funny quote from it but….. guess you missed it.

Shingos Cheeseburgers

Aaaaand we’ve got our first virus related game cancellation.


Eight more Marlins players tested positive for a total of twelve over the last two days. RIP 2020 season.

As Cirensica

Make that 11 players


I wonder if we will see any changes because of this. Like I had actually expected much more mask wearing than I am seeing at the games.


And second.

Tonight’s Yankees-Phillies game is cancelled, source tells The Athletic.

— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) July 27, 2020


I am shocked at the lack of a league plan for this. I don’t know how you can let either the Phillies or Marlins play for at least a week. It’s my understanding that you won’t get a positive test until 5-7 days after infection. You become contagious around the same time. Take into account the lag time in getting the results and there will be contagious players/coaches out there if they let them play.


After a game like that I miss the possibility of consolation from the farm report….