The top 9½ White Sox prospects for 2020

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Jim Margalus
Jim Margalus

Writing about the White Sox for a 16th season, first here, then at South Side Sox, and now here again. Let’s talk curling.

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As scouting reports go, the Madrigal one alone is worth the price of a Patreon subscription for both the Astudillo comp and this:

Polanco, who stayed away from attacking people with a machete and gasoline

I was very happy when the first player in MLB history with the initials UUU became a good reliever. That joy was temporary.

karkovice squad

I really hope they’ve done enough to update their player development that at least 1 of their 40/45 types improves to being at least an average major leaguer. They’re desperately in need of a Brian Reynolds-type breakout.


Clicked on the Spencer Adams link. I knew it felt like he’s been in the organization for a long time, but I was still a bit surprised to see he was born in 1898.


Is Spencer to the John Adams/John Quincy Adams line what the Tyler grandsons are to President Tyler?


I was really surprised to see Bryce Bush at #7. I hope you’re right and his potential looks more like his 2018 than his 2019.

In fact, I was surprised by #’s 8 and 8, as well. I’m taking that less as a belief that they are winning raffle tickets and more as a suspicion that none of our other AA/AAA talent will amount to anything. I hope you’re wrong there.


sadly i dont support on patreon, (was between work for a while), but i hope the half is a joke about madrigals stature.


Really need some upside surprises alongside a strong draft here. This is so thin. We’re already counting on significant MLB production in 2020 from the top of the farm. Could use some good luck with health, too. This margin for error is a concern. Right now there’s no surplus to protect from injury let alone to deal from, which is why I’ve been stressing prospect hoarding and liberal use of cash for FAs.

As Cirensica

I always have troubles with these patreons only posts… I can’t access them. I click refresh and it takes me to pledge money but I already do that. Frustrating. I usually give up after a while, but i miss the articles 🙁

As Cirensica

I was able to get in, thanks. I did it thru my laptop, my issues are generally when I read SM thru my mobile devices which is almost always. I wonder why.


I have issues if I’m using an older web browser. What I found to work best is simply to click on the link from the email that comes when Patreon-exclusives drop.


Looking forward to seeing what this guy Thompson-Dalquist can do in a full pro season. Hopefully one day, he splits and becomes two separate prospects. I’m joking about this because I’ve never seen any kind of ranking that didn’t have them listed sequentially (and always Thompson first, then Dalquist). I realize it’s pretty much impossible to give them much separation when we have no data on them since they’ve combined for 5 pro innings, but I’ve begun to find it comical how one is almost never mentioned without the other. Jim wouldn’t even give them their own ranking numbers! I think they should share the same jersey in low-A that simply says “Thompson/Dalquist” on the back.

As Cirensica

No Kim Basinger or Micky Rourke jokes/references yet?


Prospect Week is a lot like Shark Week: you get sucked in by the exciting headliners but then it’s all a bunch of Zach Collins and Rob Riggle.


I assume Yermin Mercedes isn’t ranked here because his greatness is too much of a lock to make him a mere prospect. 


On the topic of prospects, whatever happened to larry? Does he still write anywhere?


I have been wondering about this also. I hope someone has an answer


Am I still number 12?


Hmmmmm, Maeda not a Twin after all…


Red Sox are really botching this. They can’t keep Betts after this fiasco. I hope the Twins stay out. I don’t want to see them get Maeda.

lil jimmy

Who’s your Daddy!
All the Cubans
RHP Norge Vera
” 6-foot-2 and 185 pounds during his appearances in the Can-Am League and might be slightly taller, with some saying he’s as tall at 6-foot-4. He’s lean and long-limbed, with broad shoulders and a lanky lower half. ”
“Vera might be due to receive a signing bonus somewhere between $1.5 million and $2.5 million”

by Lil Jimmy on Jan 23, 2020


Nice! Does this take them out of Oscar Colas’s market, or might they trade for slot money to get two Cubans in 2020?

lil jimmy

They have 2 million allocated. this makes 3.5. they have about 2 million left. Colas might be had for 3 million. So the math is tricky but not impossible.


Kiley McDaniel’s ESPN story has this interesting speculation:

Multiple international scouting sources said the White Sox also have interest in Cuban star OF/LHP Oscar Colas, who recently defected. It’s unclear how Vera’s deal will impact the White Sox’s pursuit of Colas. Chicago’s international bonus pool for the 2019-20 signing period was slightly less than $5.4 million.

Michael Kenny

Apparently all they have to do to get a bigger pool is pay some other teams’ buyouts.

lil jimmy

They could also go find allotments from teams this period that are left over and sign smaller deals they have in place early.