Podcast: White Sox starting pitching options with Dan Szymborski

This podcast episode was planned for the morning, but with the flurry of activity going on with starting pitchers and relievers signing, I thought it was best to release the episode now. That way I don’t have to cut half of the interview out.

Joining me is our best friend of the show, Dan Szymborski, in which we discuss Nomar Mazara projections and the best starting pitching options for the White Sox.

Click play below to listen:

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So just this afternoon, Michael Wacha, Josh Lindblom, Tanner Roark and Blake Treinen sign. Are the White Sox going to sign any pitchers?

I agree with Symborski that Price at 3/$66M plus a player or two in exchange is not worth it. They better be in on Ryu, Bumgarner or Keuchel.

Trooper Galactus

I’d take him if the return is minimal and they still planned to get at least one of those three pitchers. Given he’s still effective when he’s able to take the mound and the number of arms we have returning, they could do like the Dodgers and kinda rotate guys in and out from the IL to keep them fresh.


I suppose Price isn’t the worst consolation prize, but we’ll definitely need that consoling if we don’t get any of Ryu or Keuchel.

Trooper Galactus

The Los Angeles Angels, who are paying Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Justin Upton more than the entire White Sox 25-man payroll combined, just signed Anthony Rendon for 7/$245m. I don’t want to hear another person talk about how the White Sox are dodging bullets by not paying for big free agents because they’ll lose financial flexibility or some bullshit.


It’s really getting old…Most of the big market teams throwing around crazy money and the most we have ever paid is 70+ plus million.  Jerry just isn’t cut out for the battles we face. 

Trooper Galactus

I could be more accepting of Jerry’s cheapness if he would actually fire Hahn and get somebody who is capable of working within his financial constraints. Instead he sticks with the same front office despite Hahn having literally wasted more money in free agency and drafting than any other GM in the league.


Completely agree


I heard a lot of Score discussion about how you can still build a team without big spending “because the Rays and Oakland do it”. Um…..there’s a reason FO folks from those organizations get poached for other teams. There’s a reason FO folks for the Sox work for this organization until they retire or die.

Maybe it’s like pushing the stone up the hill?

If by “financial flexibility” you mean “returns for Jerry investors”, then I’m sure Jerry has a lot to lose…