Sporcle Saturday: Your 2019 Chicago White Sox

As is annual tradition around these parts, it’s once again time to review who appeared in a game for the White Sox this year. For some, that number is just three: for one, it’s 159; then, there are all the rest who lie somewhere between those margins.

This is one of my favorite Sporcles to run every year, because some of the names always surprise me, sort of a “Oh yeah, I forgot about that guy!”. You’d think, having just watched nearly every game this season, it’d be easy to get all the names, but…nope. 47 names await: how many can you get? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • I’ve allotted 10 minutes for completion attempts.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the position of the player in question.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • The Sox used just two position players to pitch this year, for a total of 2 innings.
  • On the flip side, White Sox pitchers logged 20 plate appearances this season, good(bad?) for a triple-slash of: .056/.056/.056.
  • The is the fewest number of players to make an appearance for the Sox since 2015, when they used just 40 players.

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All data from baseballreference.com

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47/47 for me, and that guy was the last one I got. Really a guess as I have no actual memory of him pitching for the 2019 White Sox.

All of my final 10 names were pitchers as the cavalcade of slop thrown up to get through the games involved even fewer memorable names than “Insert Random RF Here On Lineup Card” did.


But there was so much anticipation for his debut!


64% I forgot a lot of players. And I’m convinced you make this name up:

Caleb Frare


he did. it’s just an anagram of

Barf Cereal


That no good Boomer got 46 and I got 43 and missed the two pitchers I despised the most somehow…probably wishing them into nonexistance

covey and fulmer
I also missed 
Ruiz and vierra
gotta be honest I don’t remember 
being in the majors this year. 

Boomer also missed 


Trooper Galactus

If that’s how you spell his name you’d have missed him anyhow.


43/47. I actually missed a pitcher who spent the entire season with the Sox.


47/47, though I was really flailing at the last two. I forgot

Nate Jones pitched this year
. Thankfully I remembered how to spell
Despaigne, Vieira, and Banuelos. which I’m very certain to be useful information

As Cirensica

I suck at these sportcles. Got only 37 and I even missed Eloy and Cease.

I wasted like 2 mins trying to remember how to spell detwiler and despaigne

Trooper Galactus

Missed two relievers

Minaya and Frare
though I think I’d have gotten them both with a little more time. Spent way too much time trying to think of
Jose Rondon
because I kept leaving the n out of the middle of his name when he came to mind, though I did inevitably get him.

Right Size Wrong Shape

I was at 33 with 5 minutes left and I got all of the position players, then some ad popped up and I pressed the back button and the quiz just started over. So I gave up rather than just re-do the quiz for the opportunity to try and remember random White Sox relievers.


43/47, not too mad about the misses, although I spent way too long thinking about

and still not being able to come up with his name. Also, what’s a
Caleb Frare


47/47 with 1:31 remaining


This was Sunday Sporcle for me as it was Family Weekend here on campus. I got 43 as well, missing three relievers and forgettable

Manny B.

Big Hurt Beer

44/47, missed 3 RPs. Which is sadly my best performance on one of these. I blanked on


Minaya and Frare

And I’m still not convinced

Nate Jones

actually pitched this year.

Patrick Nolan

Gah! I got them all except somehow forgot

Jimmy Cordero!