Jack’s Offseason Plan

I see the Sox as a team that will most likely finish anywhere from 1-4 games over .500. But this is all dependent on the health of the starting pitching. I am under the belief that they have one of if not one of the strongest young cores in baseball, and they should gamble on them to help them win a World Series. With a veteran signing or two, I think that in the next couple seasons, they can become a real contender.

Tender all except Goins. There will be room for more eligible hitters on the bench and we already have a star defender infield reserve (Yolmer/Madrigal).

Decline Castillo. I think McCann is a great player to build around and Collins will be elite soon enough.

Try to retain Abreu. He seems to be getting better with age and is a instrumental piece in the clubhouse.

I think since we are in need of a legit ace, Gerrit Cole would be a perfect signing considering he is only 28. Maybe 7 years in the ballpark of $157.5M (22.5M/yr). Although that I would be happy with this signing alone, if they wanted to bring in a veteran bat like JD Martinez, I would like that too, maybe 3 years, $40M (16M/yr).

I don’t think trades are necessary, but if we flop on the FA market, maybe go for a Jack Flaherty or a Max Fried type pitcher for maybe Dane Dunning, Yermín Mercedes, and Danny Mendick? Not really a sound trade but it’s the best that I can come up with.

So in conclusion, the 26-man:

Pitching Staff:

P Gerrit Cole

P Lucas Giolito

P Michael Kopech

P Reynaldo Lopez

P Dylan Cease


LRP Carlos Rodon (But he can replace the starters as well)

LRP Josh Osich

MRP Carson Fulmer

MRP Jimmy Cordero

MRP Aaron Bummer

SU Evan Marshall

CP Alex Cólome

Position Players (In no particular order):

C James McCann

C Zack Collins

1B José Abreu

2B Yolmer Sánchez

2B Nick Madrigal

3B Yóan Moncada

SS Tim Anderson

LF Eloy Jimenez

CF Luis Robert

RF JD Martinez


OF Adam Engel

OF/SS Leury García

INF Ryan Goins (if arb)

3B/1B Jake Burger


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Greg Nix

Think you’re way low on the Cole and Martinez contracts. No way Flaherty or Fried are moving either. 

Trooper Galactus

You’re probably about $100 million short on a Cole contract. If he actually signs for less than $200 million I’ll be astonished.


Martinez opting out of a $62.5 million for $40 million over the same period would be horrible on his end. $22.5 million a year on Cole is about $10 million low per year.

You’d also have to get rid of half the farm to get Flaherty 


Came down here to say the same things. Would just add that Cardinals really don’t like to part with homegrown talent unless it’s to acquire a better player.


A lowball figure for Cole is 7/200. More likely he gets something between 7/220 and 7/250