Podcast: Goodbye, 2019 Season

Josh and Jim recap the final series of 2019 for the White Sox. Rick Hahn mentioned that the organization is transitioning to the next stage of the rebuild. What will that look like? Are we back to where the team was after the 2014 season, but with more depth?

Plus, a breakdown of each of the MLB postseason series with predictions on who will meet in the World Series, and who we think will win it all. You can make your picks in our Sox Machine MLB Postseason Contest:

In the end, we answer fans questions in P.O. Sox. 

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As Cirensica

Astros over the Nationals…. my prediction
3 hours and 30 mins in average per game during the play off


Conspicuously absent from Hahns unusually forthright comments on team needs was catcher. I’ll give him all the credit in the world for the McCann pickup. But I really don’t think that the McCann/Collins combo is a confidence-inspiring duo for a team with playoff aspirations.

Of course, we can all dream on Grandal but at least finding another B-tier guy with solid defense to pair with McCann would be nice. If Maldonado has to settle for another one-year deal, he would be perfect for that role, especially with all the young pitchers on staff.


Thanks guys, for another great season of covering the White Sox. You expert analysis and insights made this season much more enjoyable than it could have been. Now comes the fun part. I hope Rick is up to the task. Can’t wait to see all the great ideas in the offseason forecasts.

You guys are the best!

As Cirensica

I am gonna go ahead and second this.


When you are unsure if a team with the lowest payroll in baseball can top a 44 mil offseason from like a decade ago…. haha

They better fly by that number. I mean new money too, not counting 15 mil to bring abreu back as meaning something. After abreu re-signs and you bring back arb eligible guys you want to bring back, I expect 70-80 to be spent period.


It is and it isn’t I revert back to the fact that not all things are equal. While a net jump one year to adding 44 mil is a lot. If you look at the window of tank, you pocketed 20-30-40 mil a season 3 years in a row to me that means you have a stockpile to do something extra with, with relative ease the first year you decide to add. Thats to me though and to Jerry that may not be the case.


The Walton game was almost enough to make me a Cub fan. Please don’t ever do that again.

As Cirensica

I agree.
If I want a circus, let’s just bring Hawk back, and add Ozzie if you will.

I want serious broadcaster that know about baseball. That tell interesting anecdotes. That make compelling points based on actual facts and stats. I want the Scully experience. Not the Hawk experience. Game’s already too long for clownism.