Sporcle Saturday: 20+ 2Bs, 30+ HRs in a season

When Jose Abreu is on, he’s a treat to watch. As Jim noted this past Tuesday, Abreu’s had a big August, and hopefully this will carry through to the remainder of the season.

Entering Friday night’s game, Abreu needs just two more home runs to reach the 30 home run mark for the season, something which he’s already accomplished thrice thus far in his career. He’s also logged 28 doubles: two more would give him a 30-30 season, and that would be only the 25th time in franchise history that has occurred.

To round out the list, though, for today’s Sporcle, I’m knocking the doubles total down to 20. In franchise history, can you name the players who have logged 20+ doubles in a season, and 30+ home runs? Good luck!

Quiz Parameters

  • I’ve allotted just five minutes to completion attempts, as there are only 17 unique names over 41 instances.
  • For hints, I’ve provided the season and the primary position played.

Useless information to amaze, annoy, confuse, and/or confound your friends and family:

  • No White Sox player accomplished this feat prior to 1972. Bill Melton came close in 1971, falling just two doubles shy; Al Smith fell two home runs and one double shy in 1961.
  • The first player in MLB history to accomplish this feat was (who else?) Babe Ruth, in 1920, with 56 home runs and 36 doubles.
  • In MLB history overall, there have been 1,221 player seasons that have accomplished this.

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All data from baseballreference.com

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41-41 3:23 remaining. 


Boomer 41-41 w 3:19 left. Chalk another one up for the bad guy.

Right Size Wrong Shape

41/41, 3:52 left. A nice, easy confidence builder.


41/41 3:17 left


7/41….just kidding. 41/41 with 3:55 left.


41/41 iwth 3:53 left. I just can’t beat you!


Let’s call it a tie.

Josh Nelson

I feel terrible with my 40/41. No idea 1977 hit 30+ homers.


His best season!


Missed the same one

Lurker Laura

My first perfect Sporcle, whoop!

Trooper Galactus

Missed 77 and 83. Had everybody else in under a minute.


Ditto, except I got the 83 entry with about 10 seconds left when I finally spelled it correctly.

I kept trying to put y in multiple spots where it didn’t belong.

Trooper Galactus

I keep guessing Kluszewski when I’m trying to think of him.


37/41. I just cannot remember guys prior to about ’85.