Podcast: RBIs, MLB Payrolls, and a British Invasion

Guests: Craig Edwards, FanGraphs              
Joey Mellows, Baseball Brit

A jam-packed episode as Josh and Jim discuss the merit of RBIs, and if Jose Abreu reaching 100 is still a significant milestone. 

Craig Edwards of FanGraphs joins the show for the first time to discuss the correlation between MLB Payrolls and a team’s winning percentage

Joey Mellows, known as Baseball Brit on Twitter, is on a once-in-a-lifetime trip visiting every MLB stadium and being at a game in 162 days. He shares his amazing experience and why he prefers Guaranteed Rate Field over Wrigley Field. 

P.O. Sox Questions:

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

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Even without accounting for a boost in income from increased fan interest or the new TV deal, this team should be able to carry a $140M payroll.

Cleveland has been doing that for the last couple years while having similar attendance numbers to the White Sox and playing in a smaller media market. The Sox really need to start taking advantage of the fact that they are a Chicago team in a division of small-to-medium market teams and throw some money around.


28.3 in committed salary, what a joke

Trooper Galactus

It’s only a joke if they don’t leverage the financial flexibility they’ve build up like they can and should.


Thank you Josh for the Baseball Brit interview-his story is the envy of most American baseball fans.  The fact that he was unimpressed with the Cub-icle was an added bonus.


I completely agree that Timmay’s hit profile does not work as an corner OF bat. Nothing wrong with a SS who provides 2-2.5 fWAR per year. Not a star, but a solid contributor.

PS- Would positioning have anything to do with those poor defensive metrics?

Right Size Wrong Shape

I think it was Karko who pointed out before that Moncada’s range might be stealing some balls from Anderson and impacting his defensive metrics.


Do the metrics Josh cited filter for positioning/shifts?
I recall some of Eaton’s bad CF #’s being attributed to Sox’ philosophy on how shallow OF’s “should” play.

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

The White Sox have been doing alright with players somewhat (if that makes any sense!?). They’re just being cautious. It has been to their detriment in the past. Moving Moncada seems self-defeating. They’ve “apparently” revealed a switch hitting, offensive threat!? Sure there’s holes. He’s still learning. He’s been a breath of fresh air!
Anderson leaves something to be desired so far. Amazing talent. TE6 should be his moniker though. Too much athleticism to be so erratic. I know his range gives him more plays. Nonetheless, his performance on routine plays bothers me. He’s barley a shortstop. All the tools. Nearly none of the execution (defensively). No patience. Apparently has excellent contact skills to be hitting to the average he’s been retaining all season. I am a fan of that approach. Still, his walk rate could obviously improve.
They’re just too filled with hikes to go on forever. Best Wishes everyone!

Kelly Wunsch N' Munch

Too many “holes.” My bad.