Podcast: Status of the White Sox Rebuild at 2019 All-Star Break

The Rundown: 
Lots of discussion about the White Sox current state of affairs. Ivan Nova and his trade market, Lucas Giolito’s struggles against the Cubs, Eloy Jimenez journey to 30 HR, Yoan Moncada finding another offensive gear, and Luis Robert joining AAA. 

Plus, our thoughts about the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, the Minor League Report, and answer your questions in P.O. Sox. 

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If the Sox trade McCann, Colome and Nova they’d have a very good shot at the seventh draft pick. #neverendingrebuild


Although they’d have a better chance at #7 if they kept Nova. 


If the Sox ignore expected regression and rely on McCann as the everyday C and Colome as the Closer in 2020, they risk replacement level production at 2 critical positions. #fugazi


The discussion of Moncada sticking at 3rd and abandoning a pursuit of Rendon (if he even reaches free agency) got me wondering what an extension for Moncada would look like today. Sox still have four years of control with Yoan, so it isn’t urgent by any means. But if the Yoan Moncada we are seeing now creates a somewhat accurate projection of what he’s going to be, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to consider it. It would be similar to what they did with Eloy. Although unlike Eloy, Moncada has already received tens of millions from his FA signing with Boston in 2015, which prob makes him less likely to accept an extension right now unless it’s for stupid money. Wonder what it would cost to lock him up until he’s about 31-32? Is this a dumb idea?


I’ve been in the “sell” camp since you guys started doing this, with the obvious caveat that they should only do it if they get something good in return (“good” here being defined in pretty much the same way you guys are defining it, as far as prospect return goes).

I’m just looking at the Mets and hoping they’ve got a little more LOLMets in them. There’s a fair amount of talent on that team, and if we could convince them that guys like Basabe and Rutherford and… I don’t know… Pilkington, are worthy returns for guys like Conforto or Syndergaard, then I’d be on Team Buy, but I don’t think anyone has ever LOLMets’d so hard they would make that trade, so enjoy the season while you can, and if you can get something better than Medeiros, go for it.


I don’t disagree with the idea that the Sox shouldn’t part with Colome unless its for a top 100 guy, I also don’t think any team in their right mind would give that up for him. Josh mentioned the Brad Hand deal, but compare the two:

Years of control: Hand-3.5, Colome-1.5
fWAR in preceding 2.5 seasons: Hand-3.5, Colome-2.6
Age at time of trade: Hand-28, Colome-30

Hand was just vastly more valuable – probably more than 2x as valuable as Colome. Colome is not bringing back a top 100 prospect, and that’s fine. The Sox can keep him.


I’d like to see them bring up Adam Engel to take over center until Anderson comes off DL; he’s been raking in Charlotte for awhile; still has potential for 4th outfielder on a championship club if he can hold his own offensively

Lurker Laura

Everybody’s raking in Charlotte. Engel has more than had his chance.

Jim Margalus

Engel’s road splits are at least improving … to .211/.277/.367.

Lurker Laura


I love Engel’s defense, but he’s firmly in the AAAA White Sox All-Star picture, right next to Joe Borchard.


I think that’s why now would be a good time to see if he’s turned the corner. Rondon isn’t hitting; why not give Engel a shot? If he still can’t get it done, back to Charlotte when Timmy comes back. At least we’ll have his defense for a couple weeks.