Podcast: Still a long way to go

  • Josh and Jim recap the White Sox series in Minnesota as problems with outfield defense, struggling offense, and the debut of Seby Zavala were the main takeaways.
  • This upcoming week starts a seven-game homestand as the Kansas City Royals visit first meaning that Brad Keller returns. Will we see more drama between Keller and Tim Anderson?
  • Also the week in review down in the minors and answer your questions in P.O. Sox:

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Great stuff once again, guys. Especially enjoyed the positive thoughts on Abrams.

Most folks are pining for Palka, or even Skole, to replace Alonso.
Why not Collins? He can catch 1 game a week, providing the easiest transition for him and the pitchers.(and it’s getting more and more difficult to find anyone who thinks he’ll actually be a C in the Bigs) He can play 1B 1 game a week to spell Jose, and he can DH the rest of the time.


Besides ability to catch, what does Collins bring to the table that Palka doesn’t? On base skills? Do we have any reason to believe those will transfer to majors, against much better competition? I don’t mean to gripe, I’m just disappointed that most of Collins lines are 1-5 with a homer, a walk and three strike outs, with the strike outs being much more reliable than the homers.


Collins brings the possibility of a future left handed bench bat on a playoff caliber team. Palka is 27 year old AAAA fodder.

Sox need to be smarter about moving on. Next man up.

Trooper Galactus

I guess I don’t see the incentive for Renisdorf to make a change in the front office when the team is coming off a year where they were one of the most profitable teams in all MLB. Hahn and Williams are doing exactly what ownership wants them to do: MAKE MONEY.

That said, will Jerry dying/retiring/selling really change anything? He’s the chairman, but he isn’t the sole, or even majority, owner. There’s a whole group of people who seem pretty satisfied with their recent windfall.

As Cirensica

Unfortunately, that’s not how partnership works. Reinsdorf might not own 50% of the team but he is likely the largest stakeholder with a % ownership near 20%. The rest of the ownership might not come close to that. Anyhow, we don’t know how the Partnership Agreement was written. Likely, it gives Reinsdorf full management powers so other partners can’t do anything even if they want to.

What would happen when Jerry dies? I can’t tell, but it is very likely written in the partnership agreement. JR can pass on his ownership to his children or whoever. But the management ability is unlikely to be “transferred” without re-writing the agreement which will required some sorta voting among all partners.

If the partnership agreement does not have any clause upon JR’s death, then the partnership will likely be dissolved immediately.


Wasn’t there an article sometime in the last year/year and a half talking about how a lot of minority shareholders are not the typical investors of yesteryear, but rather view ownership of a team as nothing more than one of many investments, and push for profitability before competitiveness, no matter what? I swear I remember someone talking about an article like that. And, if that’s true, we’re faced with the reassuring possibility that the next ownership group will be dominated by people even more risk averse than Reinsdorf. 


I recall an article?, podcast?, saying major league franchises were viewed as appreciating assetts. Short term profitibility was partially ignored because of the enormous $ to be made on the future sale. Some believe those incredible rises in value aren’t sustainable, and that is what has lead to more short term fiscal “responsibility”, especially surrounding payroll.


I see the Abrams arguments, but I’m still not too excited  Getting top 5 picks two years in a row during rebuild makes me think of how other clubs found their Bryants and Bregmans:  it’s so White Sox to wind up with speedy middle infielders who might hit .300. Maybe Abrams has more pop than we think . . . 

Meanwhile, Hostetler was on Hit and Run, and spiegel ran his guesses at top 5 targets at him. Pretty good, says Nick, but you’re missing one. 

The Sox have had pretty good luck with lanky lefties. Maybe Ludolo is the surprise?

Right Size Wrong Shape

How big of a reach would Langeliers be?


Lodolo and Langeliers would both be a huge stretch.
Pick your favorite between Witt, Abrams and Vaughn, and hope the Sox get him. Rutschman will be gone and anyone else would be a bad overdraft.

Trooper Galactus

Yeah, I’m going into this thinking it will be a choice between one of those three, with Rutschman absolutely off the board by then. Drafting anybody else would be one of those, “this guy better turn into something good to justify picking over the conventional wisdom options” things.


We are looking to contend in 2020, so why not start with Cease and Robert. Let them get their on the job training so they can get a running start to next season. DFA Alonso & Jay. Palka might be a ok DH if all you want is a home run every now and then. Collins is a version of Alonso with a low avg, high bop. Walks don’t drive in runs. Skole might be the best option. Moving Garcia to 2nd base, you might have your best offence in years.