Sox Machine Live!: Why the results matter

Recorded 4-24-2019

After the White Sox lose two out of three to Baltimore, and now are 5-7 against the Orioles, Tigers, and Royals to start 2019, why are they losing to lesser teams? We explore the reasons and explain why winning does matter even in the third year of the rebuild. 

Also, preview the upcoming 10-game homestand and await Vlad Jr.’s much-anticipated debut. 

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Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson is the host and producer of the Sox Machine Podcast. For show suggestions, guest appearances, and sponsorship opportunities, you can reach him via email at

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The Sox are slightly ahead of where the Astros were in year 3 of their rebuild. (2013)
I’m by no means claining that it’s proof everything is fine, or that this FO can be trusted. But it’s what I’m using to keep semi-sane until April 1, 2021.


I am skeptical due to the FO. If you haven’t read it, get Astroball and I think you’ll agree that regime change is required for the Sox to succeed. The changes that Crane made and the way that Luhnow revamped the FO and had several successful drafts presents a stark difference, in my mind, to where the Sox are. I don’t see Springer, Altuve, Bregman and Correa on the horizon.


I agree that the Astros FO is head and shoulders above ours. Top 3 in baseball.

My hope is that the Sox’ superior starting point, 7 top 100 prospects acquired in 3 trades and $52mil on Robert, closes some of that gap.

karkovice squad

Building a bridge across the Grand Canyon out of baling wire and chewing gum can probably be done. You might not want to cross it, tho.


I’m just tired of whining every day about what kind of gum they’re using. Gonna key on the stronger materials and allow them to complete construction. If it collapses, I’ll go home.


Trying not to whine, just being realistic. The two successful rebuilds and the ones underway (Braves and Phillies) all had new leadership. Other than the Quintana and Sales trades, they’ve done nothing to build confidence. That’s all – trying to look for positives but tough with their lengthy crappy track record.




A lot to unpack with this podcast. basically I think Jim and Josh were way off base until they started talking about Veteran Scouting.

Josh says the Sox are missing ~7 or so 3 WAR type guys and asks where the others are going to come from.

Normally at this stage the team would not have more than the 7 or so that we have – the Answer would be Free Agency, trade, and fringe prospects. A good rebuild *should* be able to add 2-3 free agents that can give you those 3 WAR seasons, *should* be able to trade for maybe 2 veteran contributors, and *should* find 1 or 2 guys from their fringe prospects (The basabe, Adolfo, Rutherford, Lambert types). Through these 3 avenues is where you’d typically see a rebuild fill out the second half of those ~3WAR type guys.

So while Jim and Josh were blasting the rebuild, if anything I thought they were actually supporting the argument that the Whitesox are right on track… That is until they discussed Whitesox Veteran scouting

The Whitesox have shown a complete inability to scout veterans. If the Whitesox continue to fail in free agency (like they did spectacularly in 2018) and also target the wrong guys via trade, this rebuild will fail. And over the past 10 seasons the guys up top have shown an inability to sign and trade for good veterans.


I guess I’m not convinced that the Royals, Tigers and Orioles are “lesser talented” teams than the Sox. I wish the Sox were better, but results are results. Sox need to win four of the next six at home just to even the score. 


Hey Josh – Aaron Gleeman would be a good get for the podcast.  Maybe previewing the Twinks series?  He’s been on mlb tv and is a weekly radio guest for a show I follow.  Editor for baseball prospectus and extremely knowledgeable and reasonable for a Twins fan