BREAKING: White Sox DFA Ervin Santana, reinstate Eloy Jiménez

Eloy Jimenez (Clinton Cole)

The White Sox will enter this weekend’s series against Detroit down one starting pitcher, as the team announced via press release that they’ve designated Ervin Santana for assignment after only three starts.

The move is hardly surprising. Santana allowed 14 earned runs in 13 1/3 innings, while yielding 6 home runs and walking more than he struck out. He joins a grand tradition of completely washed former stars from whom the Sox tried (and failed) to squeeze one last ounce of production.

Enjoy that farm upstate, Ervin. Say hi to Jimmy Rollins.

Eloy Jimenez was reinstated from the bereavement list to take Santana’s roster spot. Jimenez missed all three games in Baltimore earlier this week after his grandmother passed away.

It seems likely Manny Banuelos will remain in the rotation for the foreseeable future, and presumably the Sox are confident that Lucas Giolito will be fully healthy in time to take Santana’s next start. Failing that, it’s probably Dylan Covey time. Get hyped, pnoles.

The full press release is below.


CHICAGO – Prior to tonight’s game vs. Detroit, the Chicago White Sox designated right-handed pitcher Ervin Santana for assignment and reinstated outfielder Eloy Jiménez from the Bereavement List. 

Santana, 36, went 0-2 with a 9.45 ERA (14 ER/13.1 IP) and a 1.88 WHIP over three starts with the White Sox after his contract was purchased from Class AAA Charlotte on April 9. He was signed as a minor-league free agent on February 23.

Jiménez, 22, was placed on the Bereavement List on April 22 to return to his hometown of Santo Domingo, D.R., following the passing of his grandmother. He is hitting .231 (18-78) with two doubles, three home runs, eight RBI and six runs scored over 20 games this season.

The White Sox 40-man roster decreases to 39.

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karkovice squad

That was a cheap shot on Rollins. He helped get rid of Drake LaRoche, more than paying for his contract.

karkovice squad

Danks, even.


You’re welcome.



Derek Holland was only semi-washed.

Lurker Laura

Manny Ramirez


Jose Abreu. Jk. Maybe.


Griffey, Jr., Steve Carlton, Bobby Orr . . . waitaminute

Lurker Laura

At least Griffey had that one great moment in the Black Out Game. Others mentioned here had precisely 0 great moments.


was there great moment !!!!


Cat Latos had a glorious April. We were also treated to an intersection of Felines and enthusiastic gun ownership. 


Who would the list be named after? My first thought was Griffey but he had a year and a half in Seattle before calling it so i dont think he really counts.

Jim Margalus

Amazing how you found that.  You are a sick man, Margalus. 


I understand signing a guy like him to a minor league deal. I don’t get not taking a better look at him in Spring training and the minors before committing. The Yankees at least looked at Gio Gonzalez in the minors before making a decision. And the Brewers then got the benefit of that. On the one hand the team doesn’t want to spend, on the other it just throws money away.

Lurker Laura

Wasn’t his signing structured in a way that he was released if he wasn’t put on the MLB roster? I admittedly don’t keep track of such things, but I have a vague memory that there was a reason he wasn’t put in Charlotte.


There is typically some kind of opt out at some point. But that is the kind of thing that should be baked into the decision making. Unless the team just has money to burn, it is taking a big gamble promoting a guy without a better look. Maybe I misunderstood the deal, but I saw a report of 4.3mil for making the team.

Jim Margalus

If it’s a standard deal for a player of his experience, they’d have to pay him an $100K retainer for not being on the 40-man roster at the end of spring training, and then he’d have an opt-out on June 1.

Jim Margalus


Smell that ball

-Jose Canseco




A list of washed up former stars that failed to find a new lease on life with the White Sox would make a great sporcle.


Rich Lindberg had an impressive list of these faded luminaries in Stuck on the Sox, and that was written more that forty years ago.


I’m still waiting for Kenny to talk Chone Figgins out of retirement. 


I’m surprised they haven’t signed Johnny Damon to help the outfield situation.


Torii Hunter is available too.


So is Fulmer’s relief status set in stone? No more rotation aspirations?


Seems like a waste of 4 million dollars.   As others have said, this organization has no clue how to spend money.

Patrick Nolan

Awwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhh

Failing that, it’s probably Dylan Covey time. Get hyped, pnoles.


“When the story of 2019 is written, Ervin Santana will be remembered as the glue that held the rotation together.”

*looks at copy, reviews it for accuracy*

“When the story of 2019 is written, Ervin Santana will be remembered as making the Sox his final stop before heading to the glue factory.”

lil jimmy

is the glue factory “upstate farm” adjacent?

karkovice squad

On the premises. Vertical integration!

Jim Margalus

In sight, it must be right.

As Cirensica



Another solid signing from Rick Hahn.


Luis Robert back in the Dash leadoff spot.


Hopefully, he’s in the Charlotte leadoff spot before too long.